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21628November 28 2016JonPlaced ReferencesPlaced starter items sometimes disappear on loadAllNewLowMedium
Task Description

I’m not sure if this is a previously known issue from the old game, but when choosing the Proudspire Manor start, sometimes the quiver (and maybe the bow) that you’ve placed directly in front of the player on the chest is nowhere to be found. They both have ragdoll data, which I vaguely remember being an enormous pain.

Starting from the same save (the one that saves immediately after sleeping in the LAL bed) it seems completely random if the quiver is there or not. I didn’t try moveto or anything because I didn’t know the ref ID at the time.

This may extend to more than just the quiver so I kept the title vague.

I will try with Breezehome and any other homes that you gave placed items with ragdoll data.

18723January 31 2015ArthmoorScriptsProvide a way for add-on quests to register themselves ...Windows PCInvestigatingLowMedium
Task Description

Basically what the title says. Should be able to accomplish it with some sort of array at the start of a new game.

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