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IDOpenedCategoryProjectSummaryOperating SystemStatusOpened bySeverityPriority
22404May 09 2017LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchInvisible collision objects blocking access to Nuka Wor...XBox OneNewAndrew LewisMediumVery Low Task Description

On my first modded character to have all of the DLC downloaded for I didn’t listen to the Nuka World Radio when I reached level 30. When my character was ready I tuned in the station and nothing played. I couldn’t get the quest to progress obviously so I tried to force it by simply going there, only to be blocked by invisible map walls. So I scrap that lv100+ character and try again. Level 30 arrives and I listened to the radio immediately, it works yay. My character isn’t ready to survive Nuka World yet, so I wait till lv75 before going to the transit center.
Only to be stopped by those God damn walls again. My companions walk right past them blissfully unare of their existence.

The mod author will be pleased in that it seems this mod is not the primary source of my specific bug. I just tested my current character with the patch disabled & there was no change. Unfortunately there is no mod for Xbox that will allow me to “no clip” and thus bypass my issue. Please someone tell me I’m not alone with this issue.

22403May 09 2017Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchChange to the Medic 4 perk destriptionAllNewMarcelVery LowVery Low Task Description

The original description of Medic 4 says “Stimpaks and Radaway restore all lost health and radiation, and work much more quickly”. That Radaway restores all radiation sounds a bit weird, so my suggestion for the description is “Stimpaks restore all lost health, Radaway removes all radiation and both work much more quickly.”

22402May 08 2017LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchInfinite Immediate Loot and Container Respawn @ Thicket...Windows PCNewkyleHighVery Low Task Description

Description: After scavenging thoroughly, all loot that was lying about (from desk fans, gasoline canisters, and aluminum cans to stimpacks, duct tape, and pipe pistols) will respawn at both Thicket Excavations and Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup after going directly from either location to red rocket and returning immediately. Containers in these areas respawn loot as well, but the loot is random (per usual). At Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, the trailer requiring a key locks itself and the loot trunks inside are refilled with goodies. It is as though these locations have never been visited.

-Fresh install of FO4
-New Game
-Normal Difficulty (Survival tested, as well)
-Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch installed through NMM (have tried with and without)
-No other mods installed
-No console commands used

-No fast travel
-No sleeping or waiting
-Enemies stay dead

Simply loot Thicket Excavations, return to Red Rocket, unload loot, return immediately to Thicket excavations and find that all weapons, loot, and containers have repopulated and locks relocked. Same goes for Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. It is likely that these are not the only locations that exhibit this bug.

Personal Note: This bug breaks immersion for me so strongly that I have not played the game in nearly a year. Every couple of months I power up FO4 to see if a patch took care of it, only to be disappointed. It is as though these locations have never been visited (though the enemies do stay dead). I am pretty sure the issue did not exist originally and that an official patch created the bug, but I cannot say for certain. I LOVED my time with the game prior to the bug.

22394May 06 2017TerminalsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTerminal on second floor in Gunners Plaza - only 1 of 2...Windows PCNewLowVery Low Task Description

On the second floor of Gunners Plaza Main “Room” are 2 Turrets visually connected to a terminal, but the terminal itself says that only one is connected. (so only this one can be activated)

22392May 05 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGlory is regarded as dead even if alive in the Minuteme...AllInvestigatingMadCat221LowMedium Task Description

Continuing from this ticket:

The third bug is Desdemona’s initial dialog for “To The Mattress”, where two of the dialog choices that come up involve mentioning Glory being dead. It has been determined that the game is programmed to handle the dialog response quad not being full; the empty choices just immediately bounce back to the partially filled dialog quad, as if saying “invalid, try again”.

Leaving dialog options empty is the easier, already proven, but somewhat messy-looking solution that may cause users to call it a bug as a result. There are some investigations going on into replacing the empty parts with re-uses of the two dialog options that are not referencing Glory’s death, but it’s ongoing, and may be more complex a fix (if it even works).

22391May 05 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGlory is regarded as dead even if alive in the Minuteme...AllFix PendingMadCat221LowMedium Task Description

Glory is regarded as dead in several bits of post-MQ dialog even if still alive if one takes the Minutemen + Railroad ending.

Carrington has a line of dialog in the “Lost Soul” radiant quest, Desdemona’s initial dialog for “To The Mattress” includes two dialog options about Glory being dead, and Glory is completely silenced of hello dialogs after the MQ.

Two of the three are easy fixes: Carrington’s line has a GetDead == 1 check on GloryRef (which looks to have made that ref Persistent as a consequence), and the MQ ending check on Glory’s random hellos is removed so she’s talkative again (as she’d be rendered untalkative by the quality of being dead already otherwise)

The third fix is more complicated and has some issues as to the proper solution and is a separate ticket so at least these two fixes get in the next patch. Link:

22381May 01 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchPuzzle in Lost Valkygg - bars lowered on first visitAllConfirmedBlackPeteLowLow Task Description

The bars associated with the pressure plate puzzle will already be lowered when you visit Lost Valykgg for the first time. This allows you to bypass the puzzle which obviously has to be a mistake.

The bars will be reversed every time you revisit the dungeon so it seems like Bethesda got whatever it is that controls the way the puzzle works backwards.

FormIDs for the bars: 00080A97, 00080A98, 00080A99

By the way, I checked my papyrus log and didn’t get any errors.

22376April 28 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCourser in the Hunting the Hunter quest talks to me as ...AllNewVuxpee VuxpeevichHighVery Low Task Description

I’ve never even been to the Institute yet. And the Courser asks me to “report any suspicions to the SRB”. Obviously, this spoils the main quest a bit.

On there is also a note for this bug.

22367April 24 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDLC04:AbPerkGhoulish04EffectScript - Cannot divide by z...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[04/23/2017 - 04:18:03AM] error: Cannot divide by zero

[Active effect 5 on  (00000014)].DLC04:AbPerkGhoulish04EffectScript.OnTimerGameTime() - "g:\_F4\DLC04\Art\Raw\Scripts\DLC04\AbPerkGhoulish04EffectScript.psc" Line 41

Apparently, a timer event on this script may fire after the player has died. If so, PlayerRef.GetValuePercentage(Health) returns zero.

22364April 22 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDN161PowerLiftButton - animation graph errorsAllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[04/22/2017 - 10:42:30PM] error: (000EF203): the animation graph (PowerLiftCart01) cannot currently process event “StartTowerDown01”.

[ (000EF203)].ObjectReference.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000EF205)].DN161PowerLiftButton.PostQuestState.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\DN161PowerLiftButton.psc" Line 119

[04/22/2017 - 10:42:30PM] error: (000EF206): the animation graph (PowerLiftCart01) cannot currently process event “StartTowerDown02”.

[ (000EF206)].ObjectReference.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000EF207)].DN161PowerLiftButton.PostQuestState.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\DN161PowerLiftButton.psc" Line 121

[04/22/2017 - 10:42:30PM] error: (000EF204): the animation graph (PowerLiftRamp01) cannot currently process event “StartDown”.

[ (000EF204)].ObjectReference.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000EF205)].DN161PowerLiftButton.PostQuestState.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\DN161PowerLiftButton.psc" Line 124

[04/22/2017 - 10:42:30PM] error: (000EF208): the animation graph (PowerLiftRamp01) cannot currently process event “StartDown”.

[ (000EF208)].ObjectReference.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000EF207)].DN161PowerLiftButton.PostQuestState.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\DN161PowerLiftButton.psc" Line 124
22359April 22 2017TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition PatchFemaleHeadDirt got brokenAllConfirmedLowLow Task Description

In special edition, the doesn’t seem to work anymore. Npc’s with this dirt type assigned just have a clean face.
Provided an image for comparison, and yes, the screenshots are CK but it’s the same story in-game.

22357April 22 2017MagicUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition PatchBound Dagger Spell Showing Non-Ethereal DaggerXBox OneConfirmedJSunVHLowVery Low Task Description

When casting the Bound Dagger spell, a Daedric dagger appears in front of the character and is grasped in the same manner as the Bound Dagger. Then the normal ‘ethereal’ dagger is shown overtop of the, still visible and fully colored, daedric dagger. The attached image shows the difference from the correctly functioning Bound Sword and the non-translucent Bound Dagger.

22348April 17 2017Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchProtector Of Acadia and Nerd Rage perks conflictAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Protector Of Acadia perk description - When your health falls below 20%, gain 1000 damage resist and energy resist for 30 seconds.

however there is no indication of the damage resistance when looking at the stats, and it conflicts with Nerd Rage. When a player have to two perks, Nerd Rage is always prioritized. The two should work together I think.

22347April 17 2017Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFar Harbor Survivalist perk don't do nothingAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

the perk is claimed by destryoing the nucleus and it says it gives +5 to all resistances, however a look at the stats say otherwise. the perk simply does nothing.

a second point to consider is if this perk should grant +5 resistance against poison damage? all the perk description says is “Gain +5 to all resistances”

22346April 17 2017TextUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSeveral inconsistencies with Eddie Winter Holotapes aud...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Bunch of subtitles don’t match the audio, I did get a full transcript with my corrections.

Holotape 0

Message to Aleksandr Strelnikov.
My esteemed Mister Strelnikov. I know someone of your profession values discretion above all else. But I have to honestly say... screw that! I mean, come on! One bullet, halfway across town, and you blew Ron Trevio’s head clean off. You, sir, are an artist! Are all the assassins from Russia as good as you? I seriously doubt it. But listen, your secret’s safe with me.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 1

Message to Johnny Montrano
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You fat, lazy piece of shit. I knew, I KNEW this arrangement was too good to be true. Let’s join forces with the North End, huh? Bury the hatchet, work mutually against a common enemy? Well you put the nail in that coffin, huh boy-o? What did you have to do, Johnny, huh? What was your job? Sit in your car, on the corner. Keep your eyes open. If you see a uniform, you get out, walk down the street, knock on the door, and let the fellas know there’s trouble coming. Easy as pie, right? I coulda got a nine year-old from the projects to do it. But no. In the interest of Irish/Italian relations, I give the job to you. So what happens? Nothing. Nothing happens. You sit on your fat ass dribbling cannoli cream onto your third chin. You watch, you WATCH the uniform blow months of planning, all in two minutes. Congratulations, Johnny. You got me. You and your pals sure put the screws to old Eddie Winter. You should tell this funny story to your little girl, when you tuck her in at night. In that corner bedroom, upstairs, pink wallpaper, little house on Prince Street? Ha ha ha, yeah...
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 2

Message to Robert Cooper
You did good, Bobby. The wife and girl won’t be saying anything. No worries. Hell, once those fat life insurance checks start rolling in, eh eh eh... Mrs. Montrano will wish her fat slob of a husband had eaten that bullet five years ago. As for what happens next - up to you. Beach, sub shop, car yard, doesn’t matter where he ends up, I don’t give a shit. I just want him in the ground. So, long as Johnny Senior never finds out what happens to his little meatball, we’re set.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 3

Message to Robert Cooper
Bobby, we discussed this. You hooking up with your step sister is your own frigging business. But you talk in your sleep. Look, maybe you babble about baseball, or sing show tunes. Or could be you chat about those three bodies Collin O’Malley dumped in the sand trap of Arlington Greens. You wanna take that chance? I know I don’t. Sorry, Robert. The girl’s gotta go.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 4

Message to Claire Pozinski
Dinner tonight. Me, you and Arthur Black. Reservations are for seven at the Cornerstone Grille. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Arthur’s on his best behavior. No stabbing the waiter for a fucked up drink order, like what happened in Charlestown. Even though the prick deserved it. Love you.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 5

Message to Sal Barsconi
You and I clearly need to talk. About Danvers, about the Montrano mess, about everything. I think we’d both agree that our attempts to improve North/South relations have been a complete failure. Look, I take full responsibility for the behavior of my guys. I expect you to do the same for that moron Montrano. But what happened in Danvers? I hardly know what to say. Your people turned that theater into a slaughterhouse. Those people are dead on your orders, not mine. And for no conceivable reason I can see. So let’s meet. Just the two of us. Talk it all out. You name the time and place.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 6

Message to Charlotte Wen
My dear Ms. Wen, I hope you’re well. After our little joint venture this past may, you should be. If memory serves correctly, that palette of Buffout earned you a small fortune, and Wu Li eight years in the state correctional facility. So I got to thinking - why not do it again? We both love the same things - money, and destroying people who get in our way. Together we’ll outmaneuver them all. Boston will be ours for the taking. Let them player checkers, we’ll play chess.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 7

Message to Buster Connolly
Nice piece you did on the monorail construction project. “Heaven’s Highway - Devil’s Doing.” Eh, cute. But I think you give organized crime too much credit. The various Boston families coming together to fund a public works project? Please. Clearly you’ve never sat down to dinner with these guys. They can barely agree on an appetizer. And ain’t nobody jumping to pick up the check. The bosses had their hands in the honey pot, sure. But nowhere near the level you were suggesting. You did get one thing right, though - Safety Inspector Alice Lansky was killed. They’ll never find her, cause there’s nothing left. After he bashed her brains in with one of those giant wrenches, Vinnie “The Crackers” Vannucci dissolved her body in a barrel of hydrochloric acid. So write your follow-up. Then feel free to tell the cops the murder weapon is hanging on the wall in Vannucci’s Garage, on Four Charter street.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 8

Message to Rodrigo Palomar
Okay, my friend. I thought about it, and I’ve reached a decision on the Fallon’s job. Your cut is exactly what you deserve. Zero dollars. Zilch. You heard me right. You get nothing. Yes, you cracked the safe, and yes, we got the diamonds. But you also tripped the alarm. Mackie got pinched, and that is entirely your fault. Now, when he gets out, Mackie’s going to want your head on a platter. I’m going to give him your share instead. I’d say you’re getting off easy.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Holotape 9

Message to Claire Pozinski
Time to start thinking about a vacation. How do six weeks in Ireland sound to you? Dublin, Galway Bay, Waterford. Maybe a week in that little bed and breakfast in Kilkenny. And don’t worry, we do not have to take my cousin Steven with us. Let him get out of the country on his own. I told him to threaten that cop - not blast him in the face with a shotgun. He can rot in that abandoned fishery down on Union Wharf, for all I care. Love you.
Eddie Winter, signing off

22343April 16 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 Patchdialogue bug with lucy abenarthyAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

when you first met her, she asks the player to bring melons and she’ll buy them.

hoewever further dialogue reveal a bug. if you chose “caps?” in the dialogue the player SHOULD say “Did you say caps? Why would I want those?”, however, he directly asks “what are you paying?”

22338April 15 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPossible bug with Eve's faceAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Eve, a synth involved in the quest “Plugging a leak” have a somewhat corrupted face that may be considered a bug

I made a small mod that changes her face that could be used as base, if a fix is judged necessary

22335April 15 2017LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchUFO Crash site possible NavMesh issues, launching NPCs ...Windows PCNewalt3rn1tyLowVery Low Task Description

UFO Crash site with a follower / companion of the two legged human variety, experienced odd behaviour of companion

In the following screenshot I have llamaRCA’s new companion Heather (
) in company. She avoids the “bowl” of the crater which is just before where the ship is (behind me in the screenshot)

And occasionally when she sandboxes away to the other side of the crater bowl, she will launch into the air and then drop back to earth, possible navmesh issue ..


.. I am guessing that after the crash maybe the game is supposed to set a new navmesh for the changed landscape, and its a bit buggy.

22317April 10 2017MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMinigun and Sturdy Metal Left Arm mesh issueAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

if you equip a minigun and a sturdy metal left arm, when you run in the first person mode the mesh of the arm armor glitches out, causing flashes in the screen

22316April 10 2017Settlements & WorkshopsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchOil Lamp Post - Not casting light when fast-travelling ...Windows PCNewCrimsomriderMediumVery Low Task Description

This might be the same issue that is hounding the Turret Spotlights.

The issue is that the Oil Lamp Posts (found under DECORATIONS > MISC) stop casting light if the player fast-travels to a settlement.

The only solution that makes them light up the environment properly after fast-travel is to either pick them up manually one by one or reload the game. There is no permanent way to fix this by hand as it happens often, same way it happens to spotlight turrets.

22314April 09 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSecret of Cabot House quest summary bugWindows PCNewJiho JangLowVery Low Task Description

When The Secret of Cabot House is completed by killing Lorenzo (pulling the levers) and siding with Jack,

the quest summary indicates that the player freed Lorenzo (screenshot attached).

The bug happened through multiple re-tries.

22300April 06 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchElevatorMeterScript log spamAllFix PendingSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[06/05/2016 - 10:54:40AM] error: (000C4478): the animation graph (ElevatorButton01) cannot currently process event “StartOn”.

[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/05/2016 - 10:54:40AM] error: (000C4477): the animation graph (ElevatorButton01) cannot currently process event “StartOn”.

[ (000C4477)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000C4477)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/05/2016 - 10:56:05AM] error: (000C4478): the animation graph (ElevatorButton01) cannot currently process event “StartOn”.

[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/05/2016 - 10:56:05AM] error: (000C4477): the animation graph (ElevatorButton01) cannot currently process event “StartOn”.

[ (000C4477)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000C4477)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/05/2016 - 11:00:40AM] error: (000C4478): the animation graph (ElevatorButton01) cannot currently process event “StartOn”.

[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000C4478)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/24/2016 - 03:31:26PM] error: (000D6FD3): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (but it was disabled).

[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\ElevatorMeterScript.psc" Line 14

[06/24/2016 - 03:34:47PM] error: (000D6FD3): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (but it was disabled).

[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\ElevatorMeterScript.psc" Line 14

[06/24/2016 - 03:42:51PM] error: (000D6FD3): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (but it was disabled).

[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\ElevatorMeterScript.psc" Line 14

[06/24/2016 - 03:55:21PM] error: (000D6FD3): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (but it was disabled).

[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000D6FD3)].ElevatorMeterScript.OnCellLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\ElevatorMeterScript.psc" Line 14

This script throws two sorts of errors:
(1) an animation garph error which is particularly annoying. It always fails to play the “StartOn” animation
(2) occasionally, it also complains that it cannot call an animation on a disabled object.

(1): The problem here is that the script should not try to play the “StartOn” animation on every reload. It only should do this on first load and after a reset. The fix is complicated by the ‘const’ flag on this script, which means that we cannot use a tracking bool (it will not compile otherwise), and removing the flag is probably not a good idea (at least not if there is a workaround). We therefore need to check for the “StartOn” animation to be played in an OnInit() event (as this will fire on first load and after a reset). Though, we cannot call the animation from that event (this will only result in another animation graph error), but there’s a workaround for this obstacle too: start a timer from the OnInit event and call the animation from the timer event. This is currently being tesetd.
(2): this only requires a sanity check.

22299April 06 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMirelurkHatchableScript - animation graph errorAllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

[07/31/2016 - 09:45:14PM] error: (00174247): the animation graph (MirelurkEgg_Single01_Hatching) cannot currently process event “Shake”.

[ (00174247)].MirelurkHatchableScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (00174247)].MirelurkHatchableScript.waiting.OnActivate() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\MirelurkHatchableScript.psc" Line 18

[07/31/2016 - 09:45:14PM] error: (00174245): the animation graph (MirelurkEgg_Single01_Hatching) cannot currently process event “Shake”.

[ (00174245)].MirelurkHatchableScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (00174245)].MirelurkHatchableScript.waiting.OnActivate() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\MirelurkHatchableScript.psc" Line 18

Problem here is the OnActivate event. The way this has been written, the ref can be activated several times in a row. Depending on who activated it, the script may then call the Shake animation while another animation (from a previous activation) is still running.

22285April 05 2017MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRWRiverPieceRailHalfCircle02Short01.nif - UV error and ...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description


This mesh also has plenty of gaps, e.g.

22284April 05 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDLC01: WorkshopResourceScannerScript - 3D errorsAllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[04/05/2017 - 02:16:45PM] error: (FF064C53): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (most likely you’re calling for animations in OnInit.).

[ (FF064C53)].DLC01:WorkshopResourceScannerScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (FF064C53)].DLC01:WorkshopResourceScannerScript.OpenPod() - "g:\_F4\DLC01\Art\Raw\Scripts\DLC01\WorkshopResourceScannerScript.psc" Line 27
[ (FF064C53)].DLC01:WorkshopResourceScannerScript.ReadyToScan() - "g:\_F4\DLC01\Art\Raw\Scripts\DLC01\WorkshopResourceScannerScript.psc" Line 11
[DLC01WorkshopResourceTargetBallisticFiber01 (010027D5)].DLC01:Fragments:Quests:QF_DLC01WorkshopResourceTarg_010027D5.Fragment_Stage_0200_Item_00() - "g:\_F4\DLC01\Art\Raw\Scripts\DLC01\Fragments\Quests\QF_DLC01WorkshopResourceTarg_010027D5.psc" Line 94

[04/05/2017 - 02:16:46PM] error: (FF064C53): model was not loaded when we tried to play an animation on it (most likely you’re calling for animations in OnInit.).

[ (FF064C53)].DLC01:WorkshopResourceScannerScript.PlayAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (FF064C53)].DLC01:WorkshopResourceScannerScript.OnTimer() - "g:\_F4\DLC01\Art\Raw\Scripts\DLC01\WorkshopResourceScannerScript.psc" Line 41
22275April 04 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCryoCorpseScript - reference has no 3D ...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[07/17/2016 - 02:18:46AM] error: (0006FA2F): does not have 3d and cannot have an effect shader played on it.

[ (0003EC51)] - "<native>" Line ?
[ (0006FA2F)].CryoCorpseScript.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\CryoCorpseScript.psc" Line 8

[07/17/2016 - 02:18:46AM] error: (0006FA30): does not have 3d and cannot have an effect shader played on it.

[ (0003EC51)] - "<native>" Line ?
[ (0006FA30)].CryoCorpseScript.OnLoad() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\CryoCorpseScript.psc" Line 8
22274April 04 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 Patchdn131_swanaliasscript - Failed to setup moving referenc...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

[06/12/2016 - 04:56:53PM] error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D

[ (00056B7B)].MasterAmbushActorScript.SplineTranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (00056B7B)].MasterAmbushActorScript.SplineTranslateToRef() - "<unknown file>" Line ?
[alias Swan on quest DN131 (00046BB5)].dn131_swanaliasscript.TranslateSwan() - "<unknown file>" Line ?
[alias Swan on quest DN131 (00046BB5)].dn131_swanaliasscript.OnTimer() - "<unknown file>" Line ?

[06/12/2016 - 04:57:06PM] error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D

[ (00056B7B)].MasterAmbushActorScript.SplineTranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (00056B7B)].MasterAmbushActorScript.SplineTranslateToRef() - "<unknown file>" Line ?
[alias Swan on quest DN131 (00046BB5)].dn131_swanaliasscript.TranslateSwan() - "<unknown file>" Line ?
[alias Swan on quest DN131 (00046BB5)].dn131_swanaliasscript.OnTimer() - "<unknown file>" Line ?
22273April 04 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCambridge Polymer Labs "Complete the research project" ...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Even if you complete the project and get the unique Piezonucleic power armor chest, the objective is shown as failed in the pip boy.

One way to fix using console:

CompleteAllObjectives 284bc
CompleteAllObjectives DN015

but you’ll need to enter it BEFORE turning in the quest to Molly, otherwise will not work.

22267April 02 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDirty trench coat is showing as a new on male character...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

when equipping a dirty trench coat (001223cb) on a male character, it’s visual is the same as the yellow trench coat (000df455)

however when playing with a female character the dirty one shows the correct, decayed visual.

22254March 31 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDuplicate Hollowed-out rock outside Museum of Witchcraf...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description



It’s a easter egg to Fallout 3, but is a duplicate. Both rocks contains the same loot and the same note, notes shows as Note (2) when both picked up

The first hollowed-out rock is in the back of the museum, at a graveyard, the second is to the right, near a fence, middle of some trees

22248March 30 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchManual Override at the Mechanist Lair don't workAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

If you collect 3 holotopes through the mechanist lair, you could use them on a terminal to activate a elevator that leads you satright to the Mechanist quarter

Only it’s not working, you hack the terminal, load the holotapes and at that point the mainframe should say “voice module recognized”... but it’s not happening

22247March 30 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSilver Shroud Dialogue won't play with the MechanistAllNeeds User FeedbackLowVery Low Task Description

If you use the silver shroud costume during the final confrontation with the mechanist, there are supposed to be some unique dialogue, only this special dialogue won’t play at all

She doesn’t recognize you as the Shroud, neither you have any “speak as shroud” option

22244March 30 2017AudioUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSeveral dialogue bugs in the InstituteAllInvestigatingLowVery Low Task Description

Not sure how well I can explain it, but let’s see, and let me know if I should report these as individual bugs

When you first met Allie Filmore, there is a scene with her, a synth under repairs and a institute scientist reparing the said synth. After a brief dialogue exchange, the scientist will say “Unit, you can return to your duties” and the synth will reply “Thanks ma’am”, only the voice of the synth often doesn’t play, only the dialogue

Dialogue with Doctor Lawrence Higgs and a synth, often the synth start walking mid dialogue, and only Lawrence speaks his lines. Sometimes he stand where the initial conversation takes place, sometimes he walks around speaking to the walls.

A random janitor gen 1 synth will say “A clean enviroment ensures maximum productivity” only the audio don’t play, only subtitles

A random gen 1 synth will say “Report any leaks of harzadous components to the facilities division” again only subtitles, no audio

During a “House Divided” a synth may say “Doctor Newton wants you at the Bioscence Division”, again only subtitles

Finally, Father and Doctor Dean Volkert may be speaking after you return from Mass Fusion to meet father, but the dialogue is a endless loop “Are you taking all your medication?” “Yes doctor” “You feeling any pain” etc.

22243March 30 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchOptional objective to restore power to Nuka World missi...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

After Open Season, the player can restore the power to Nuka World on his own, however there’s no indication that you can do this at all. Funny thing is, the only way I know this is because on the beta testing period on steam, there was a optional objective to do so after Open Season, and for some reason it’s missing on the released version.

My idea is the restauration of this objective. It would fit to be activated after a dialogue with Chip Morse in the Nuka Town Market after Open Season, but really, any indication on screen at any given time after killing all the raiders will do.

22242March 30 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRaider bodies don't despawn after Open SeasonAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Several raider bodies don’t despawn after you kill them in Open Season. Notably Porter Gage, Wiiliam and Mags Black and several unnamed ones aswell.

22237March 29 2017AnimationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchHancock's knife play idle anim causes power armor to gl...AllInvestigatingMadCat221LowMedium Task Description

Hancock has an idle animation where he plays with his combat knife. However, if he is in power armor, the armature for that “race” clearly cannot handle the animation, as power armor bits glitch out all over. A screenshot for example is attached.

The idle anim in question should have conditions placed on it to prevent it from running if Hancock is in power armor.

22233March 28 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBroken encounter at Reeb MarinaAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

The robot encounter at Reeb Marina is broken. As soon as you enter the building, the robot greets you “Hello Eugene, you brother Malcom left a surprise for you, follow me”, but then the robot does not go anywehere and keep saying the default lines “Good to to you” etc

And if you go the the kitchen by yourself, the robot there is not hostile.

What was supposed to happen, you follow the first robot to the kitchen, and when you arrive the robots say “Happy birthday Eugene” and then turn hostile.

22232March 27 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBerry Mentats and hostile Companions?AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

I had this strange bug - With Curie as my companion, I was in the top of the Mass Fusion Building to push the button to destroy the Institute, Railroad being my faction of choice. I was also under the effect of Berry Mentats (highlights living targets with a pink-ish glow). After the ending cutscene and the the dialogue, I dismissed Curie. She then turned hostile against Railroad Agents. This reminded me of the old bug with the targeting HUD power armor helment (was it ever fixed?)

22231March 27 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFar Harbor's Far From Home quest advancing without list...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Maybe it’s not a bug, hence I put this under Feature Request

After killing Kellog in Reunions, Far From Home starts. The first objective is “listen to Valentine Detective Radio”, however this step is auto completed the next time the player enters Valentine Agency, tuning to the radio is not needed at all. Since the next step in the main story is to talk to Nick in his office, Ellie may “hijack” the dialogue and start talking about the Nakano case and etc without the player actually wanting to start the quest at that moment.

My request, if possible - Do not auto advance the quest stage to talk to ellie without hearing the radio first.

22230March 27 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWinlock and Barnes not hostile during Long Road AheadAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

During the quest, the player joins MacCreary to kill Winlock, Barnes and the Gunners in the Mass Pike Interchange. All the gunners in the area are hostile as soon as they see you, except Winlock and Barnes, the very same quest targets. They will become hostile only after being attacked directly. It’s possible to kill every gunner in the area, but these two will remain neutral, and killing them count as murder in the pip boy stats.

22229March 27 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchNuka World Family Radio/Caravan Distress Signal not pla...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

If the player doesn’t listen to the Caravan Distress Signal for Automatron and Nuka World Family Radio for Nuka World right after the quest start, the radio signal may become unavailable later. I’m at level 52 after destroying the institute, and proceeded to the DLC’s, but the radio does not play.

22227March 26 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRaiders and Gunners bodies do not despawn at Parsons As...AllConfirmedLowVery Low Task Description

When you reach Parsons Insane Asylum with Jack Cabot for the quest The Secret Of The Cabot House, you find the bodies of several gunners and raiders, Jack comments about the fight that took place.

After several in-game days, I returned to the location and the bodies were still there.

Trying to enter disable on the console returns the follwing:

Disable is being called on reference " (001F1DD5) even though it has enable state parent " (001F1DD4). This is not valid behaviour and will be ignored.

EDIT: This (MS06) is another quest that doesn’t stop running because there are follow-up quests relying on the aliases. Matters are complicated by DN031 which also has the guards in its aliases and doesn’t appear stop running either (although it probably should when MS06 is completed).

22216March 25 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTrapBarnacle - Cannot delete a None objectAllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

[03/20/2017 - 01:39:13PM] error: Cannot delete a None object

[None].ObjectReference.Delete() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (0304ACBF)].TrapBarnacle.inactive.OnTimer() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\TrapBarnacle.psc" Line ?

[03/20/2017 - 01:39:50PM] error: Cannot delete a None object

[None].ObjectReference.Delete() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (0304ACC0)].TrapBarnacle.inactive.OnTimer() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\TrapBarnacle.psc" Line ?

Basically the same issue as with TrapThistle. MyHazard is a gas cloud that is placed in-game and gets probably deleted by the engine as soon as it fades off.

22213March 24 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSensor module not needed to build the Signal Intercepto...AllNewLowVery Low Task Description

During “The Molecular Level” the player is tasked to build a signal interceptor to first gain entrance to the Institute. In the quest, a note is given to the player, requiring special parts to build the machine, these parts are - Biometric Scanner to be used in the Control Console, Military Grade Circuitry Board to be used in the Beam Emmiter and a third part called Sensor Module. Given that the player is informed that the building of the Reflector Platform is easy, and indeed it only asks for common metal parts, I assume the Sensor module should be used to build the Relay Dish. But in-game, it only requires Cloth, Copper, Gold and Steel.

So there are 2 options

A - remove the sensor module from the “Items needed” note and the optional objective to find for one
B - make the sensor module a required component to build the Relay Dish

22210March 23 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPAFramePurchaseScript errorsAllNewSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[03/23/2017 - 01:14:00PM] error: Cannot call MoveToNearestNavmeshLocation() on a None object, aborting function call

[Item 298 in container  (00000014)].PAFramePurchaseScript.OnContainerChanged() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\PAFramePurchaseScript.psc" Line 13

[03/23/2017 - 01:14:00PM] error: Unable to call Delete - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type

[Item 298 in container  (00000014)].PAFramePurchaseScript.Delete() - "<native>" Line ?
[Item 298 in container  (00000014)].PAFramePurchaseScript.OnContainerChanged() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\PAFramePurchaseScript.psc" Line 15
22198March 22 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchAssaultronRaceScript - reference cannot be moved to a N...AllNewSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

[03/21/2017 - 12:36:03AM] error: (00210843): cannot be moved to a None object’s location.

[ (00210843)].Actor.MoveTo() - "<native>" Line ?
[Active effect 1 on  (00210843)].AssaultronRaceScript.OnEffectStart() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\AssaultronRaceScript.psc" Line 11
22193March 21 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDialogue with Deacon after Railroad endingWindows PCNewLowVery Low Task Description

When talking to Deacon after the railroad ending, he will comment about the destroying of the institute and etc, problem is he usually walks away mid conversation, leaving the dialgue impossible to be completed.

22192March 21 2017Settlements & WorkshopsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRobot Workbench only displaying legs when modding ADAWindows PCNewHighVery Low Task Description

As part of the DLC, one needs to install a special mod in ADA using a robot workbench. Problem is, when selecting ADA to be modified, the only option shown in the workbench menu is “Legs”

Sometimes shooting ADA, using a robot repair kit and then activating the workbench fixes the issue.

Here’s a video of the bug in the said “fix”

22191March 21 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRandom encounters after finishing automatronWindows PCNewHighVery Low Task Description

after finishing automatron, all the random encounters seems to be replaced by rust devils patrols

plus, all the loading screens (while fast traveling in the commonwealth, not far harbor or nuka world) are displaying things related to automatron

I’m sure some rust devils patrols are to be added to the random encounters, and some loading screens displaying things related to the robot workbench, but certainly NOT all time

22187March 21 2017PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchButterflies impossible to shoot with a bowAllConfirmedzZz1LowVery Low Task Description

Butterflies are impossible to shoot from a bow. In the original game it was possible to do. Why was this changed?

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