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IDOpenedCategoryProjectSummaryOperating SystemStatusOpened bySeverityPriority
20119April 15 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPowerGenerator01.nif - Poor collision around the base w...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description


The collision is a bit TOO simple on this. It blocks objects placed on the ground close to the base, making them impossible to pick up.

20117April 14 2016QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchKill the Hagraven PetraWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

I went through the entirety of Blind Cliff Bastion, killed both Petra and Melka, and exited, but the miscellaneous quest objective "Kill the Hagraven Petra" would not resolve until I went back into the dungeon and pulled the pull-chain to open Melka's cage.

20113April 12 2016LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchYangtze bounds issueWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Found a bounds issue on-board the Yangtze. Form ID 0018230b

20101April 11 2016ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSpectral Assassin and Call of Valor's heroesWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Well, I think its strange that Call of Valor’s heroes (Gormlaith, Felldir, Hakon) can be healed like a living being, cause they look like spirits to me, and spirits mean undead, and undead mean that they can only be healed by spells like Necromantic Healing and Heal Undead. This also applies to Spectral Assassin which is ghost as far as I know.

20098April 11 2016ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchStormcloak soldier that approaches in SovngardeWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

There is a Stormcloak soldier that approached me when I entered Sovngarde. He had a dialogue option to follow me so I could bring him to the Hall of Heroes, but when I chose this dialogue option, he just ran away from me and didn’t follow.

20093April 10 2016QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchArniel's Endeavor part 3 objectivesWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

I need to put Warped soulgem into 3 Dwemer Convectors and heat them with a spell. When I heated the second Convector I got objective as if I was already taken soulgem from convector and already heated soulgem in 3 convectors so as objective says in need to “Deliver the soul gem to Arniel”, but I didn’t took the soulgem from second convector nor did I heated it in 3 convectors.

When I took the soul gem from second convector I got objective to “Place the warped soul gem into a final Convector”. So now I have 2 objectives at the same time: “Place the warped soul gem into a final Convector” and “Deliver the soul gem to Arniel”. Confusing.

20092April 10 2016AudioUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchThunder-like sound in Hall of the ElementsWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After finishing College of Winterhold questline when I enter Hall of the Elements I hear a sound like thunder.

20029March 20 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSandy Coves Convalescent Home cleanup issueWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After killing all the synths at the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, their bodies never clean up no matter how much time passes.

20027March 20 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchArcJet cleanupWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After doing the BoS quest to raid Arcjet system for tech with Danse, the synths at the location never clean up no matter how much game time passes.

20022March 18 2016ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchMy own thrall telling me "That spell looks dangerous......Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Whenever I exit from The Bee and Barb with my dead thrall through the door that is facing the north gate, she keeps saying “That spell looks dangerous... keep your distance.” and is the only place I heard a thrall say that instead of just moaning over and over.

Here’s a video:

20021March 17 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchEast City Downs cleanupWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After killing all the raiders, triggermen, and robots at the East City Downs racetrack, their bodies never get removed no matter how much time passes.

20003March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRailroad HQ cleanup problemsWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After axing the Railroad leaders for either the BoS or Institute, their bodies never clean up no matter how much time passes.

20002March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWolfgang and Simone cleanup problemWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After killing Wolfgang and his friend Simone as part of the “Order Up” quest at Drumlin Diner, their bodies never disappear no matter how much in-game time passes, even if away from the cell.

Their bodies should clean up after sometime.

20001March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchThe Secret of Cabot House cleanupWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

A part of the “The Secret of Cabot House” quest, all the guards outside Parsons Asylum, and all the raiders attacking it, die. However, even after months of in-game time, their bodies never get removed.


20000March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPAM post MQ quest issueWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

If the player reprograms PAM for the BoS as part of the MQ, PAM will still give out her Railroad faction side missions, and speak as if you are both still part of the RR, despite the RR being destroyed.

She also wont give out her BoS specific post MQ dialogue.

19998March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBullet and Gunners at Peabody houseWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After using a speech check to convince Bullet and his Gunner allies that the Peabodys were no longer at their house, Bullet runs off to the southern border of the map and just stands around, and his gunner allies will just hang around the house, eventually going hostile if the player stays too long.

Bullet and his gunner allies should be disabled after the quest is over, since they supposedly ran off to try to find the family.

19997March 13 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSynths at CiTWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After blowing up The Institute as part of the MQ, several synths keep spawning in the air over what was once the CiT building, falling into the water of the crater, and just swimming around.

These synths should be disabled as it doesn’t make sense for them to be there.

19963February 29 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFeeding the Troops loopingWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

As part of the radiant Brotherhood of Steel side quest “Feeding the Troops”, Proctor Teagan send you to a settlement to get the farmers there to give the BoS some of their crops.

After this negotiation, a message comes up saying that the settlement is now under BoS control, and you lose the ability to use the work bench there.

However, Teagen will send you to the same locations over and over again, despite this not making sense as the BoS has already negotiated with this settlement, and the settlement is still under BoS control.

The quest parameters need to be changed so that Teagen only send the player to a location once, instead of multiple times.

19938February 22 2016Meshes / TexturesOpen Cities SkyrimSkyforge only has a partial collision meshWindows PCConfirmedsialiviLowMedium Task Description

Open Cities removed the wooden barrier on top of the wall above the Skyforge, making the back mountain part of the Skyforge accessible. But jumping down on it you find that there’s no collision mesh on a large part of it, and the fall damage is enough to kill low level characters. Either the barrier needs to be replaced, or the mesh needs fixing.

Reported version: 2.0.0

19915February 15 2016TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSunhallowed Elven Arrow glowmap isn't entirely black in...Windows PCConfirmedMadCat221LowMedium Task Description

After wondering why the fletching and latter parts of the shaft were glowing on Sunhallowed arrows, I discovered that the black parts weren’t entirely black on its glowmap. It seems that the background layer they had when creating the glowmap was not fully black, as there is a “splintery” terminus of the gradient down the shaft that ends in black. Additionally, a “gradient leak” of sorts happened on one point of the edge of the arrowhead. Affected texture is Textures/DLC01/Weapons/Auriel/ It is not to Auriel’s Bow, but to the arrow, and was misnamed. The HD TexPack is affected too.

19900February 13 2016Settlements & WorkshopsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchHome Plate [Diamond City] Fuse BoxWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

If you activate the fuse box then activate it again WHILE it’s in the animation, you will not be able to activate the fuse box to turn the lights back on/off.

Reloading a save AFTER this has happened does not appear to fix it. In order to fix it, you must reload a save prior to double activating it.

19895February 08 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCan't walk up stairs at Custom House TowerWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

You have to jump up these stairs to get to the door. Companions can’t walk up it either. I tried to command Piper to walk up near the door and she attempted to walk up them and then said “I don’t think I can get to that.”
Nearby Skeleton REF ID: 001C238E

I placed this in meshes for possible collision issues.

19891February 06 2016LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRoom Bounds - Raider OutpostWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

This is at the same location where the Frag mines were sunk below the ground. I stupidly forgot to get a screenshot of the map location.

I’ll see if I can remember where this was at and get a location.

19890February 06 2016LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSuper Duper Mart land mesh end showingAllConfirmedDSoSLowMedium Task Description

Super Duper Mart (Interior) Jumping in bathroom. You can see the end of the land nearby:

REF IDs: 0016C90C and 0016C90D (1st Aid Kit)

This effects most windows around the entire building, even through the boarded up windows on the front of the store.

Same issue in the small bathroom just past the staff kitchen

REF ID for nearby locker 0016C932.

19889February 06 2016Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchJumping into Super Duper Mart ceiling shows voidWindows PCConfirmedDSoSLowMedium Task Description

You able to jump and clip through (partially) the ceiling of Super Duper Mart small restroom.

It seems like this also effects the hallway tiles of the same set. Hallway just outside of the staff kitchen.

Nearby locker REF ID 0016c932

19887February 06 2016ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMissing mutilated neck mesh for ghoul - after reload?Windows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

I’m not really sure when the mutilated neck mesh disappeared, but I noticed it after I loaded back into the game.

This is at the Police station where Danse is first meet, and is the attacking ghouls.

19885February 06 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchOrange fire texture sticks to Power Armor after flameth...Windows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

I’ve had this happen once, but just in case I’ll post it.

I got attacked by a guy with a flame thrower and afterwards, my Power Armor stuck with the orange “on fire” texture, even in dialogue cut scenes. Only a reload fixed it.



It does make an interesting “paint job” for the Power Armor, although stealth would be horrible :lmao:

19884February 06 2016ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRadroaches have incorrect names on rare occasionsWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

I’ve only had this happen 2 different times out of 220 hours of game play.

Radroaches will sometimes, rarely, have the wrong name. The normal non-glowing radroach will be named Glowing Radroach, and vise versa.

(All of these are in the same location, Revere Beach Station) (Glowing Radroach #1) (Regular Radroach #2) (Regular Radroach #3) (Regular Radroach #4) (Glowing Radroach #2)

Yes, I physically moved them to a different area nearby to ensure that their collision box wasn’t overlapping each other. In the 5 images above, each one was moved out into the main hall and placed every 15 or 20 feet.

The only other time I’ve seen this was out in the wasteland somewhere, in my first play through.

19870February 03 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchNo footstep sound effects on concrete at Diamond City s...Windows PCConfirmedDSoSLowMedium Task Description

The concrete, where the main entrance/exit is, has no footstep sounds. This happens everywhere there is exposed concrete in the stands. If you hit debris there’s sounds, then concrete so sounds.

19860January 31 2016LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSuffolk County Charter School room bounds issueWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

As the title says, probably a room bound issue.

I’m looking though door opening at a couple of tables

REF ID for a milk vending machine inside the affected room: 001CEECE

19859January 31 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDresses clipping through bodiesWindows PCConfirmedDSoSLowMedium Task Description

Dresses sometimes clip though bodies.

19850January 25 2016ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchMorokei's Ash PileWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

When Morokei dies (sneak stab), there are two lootable containers with his unique loot (helmet & Staff of Magnus): Morokei’s corpse and an ash pile near by. There is no quest item duplication as looting one container also depletes the other container.

19839January 19 2016QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSavos the Only One in Final Ghostly SceneWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

In the last ghostly playout of MG07, the text of the scene is:

Atmah: “We shouldn’t have left her there to die!”

Savos: “What else could we do? Stay there and die with her? She refused to go on, we didn’t have a choice!”

Hafnar: “This is it, you know. Through this door. Can you feel it?”

Atmah: “We’re not going to make it, are we?”

Hafnar: “We stay together, no matter what. Agreed?”

Atmah: “I’ll be right with you.”

Savos: “Agreed. We all stay together.”

But, alas, Savos is the only one present, thus we can only hear his lines. Others with a similar issue, except that in this case all ghostly scenes played perfectly bar this one. A quick Google reveals a couple of old comments that Savos is also on his own that scene.

But then, if the scenes are scripted to go, it’s likely to be an engine problem with save/reload, although It was repeated with a replay through Tribune.

19837January 17 2016ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchStanding around outside Bards CollegeWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

The NPCs at the Bards College seem to stand around at the festival markers sometimes when it isn’t running. The first screenshot was before the quest ever started and the second was after.

19832January 15 2016MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchHair clips through some headgearWindows PCNewMultiphorLowMedium Task Description

Characters that use a long hairstyle will have their hair clip through Stalhrim Light Helmets, Stalhrim Heavy Helmets, Steel Helmets, Redguard Hoods and Wolf Helmets. The fix for this would be to select the ‘Long Hair’ Biped Object for the following armor addons:

1) DLC2StahlrimLightHelmetAA

2) DLC2StahlrimHeavyHelmetAA

3) SteelHelmetAA

4) RedguardClothesDBHatAA

5) CompanionsHelmetAA

19829January 15 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchX-01 Right Pauldron Floating BoltWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

The right pauldron has a bolt that moves up & down during movement. Also noticable during conversation with NPC’s at certain angles. The extra bone (right has 6, left arm has 5) is apparently to blame. There’s a file on the Nexus that fixes this.


The author also has a separate file that reduces clipping during movement, but the two files are not compatible with one another at the moment. May also classify as a “enhancement” and not a fix?

19820January 12 2016MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchHeavy Leather Left Arm Mesh issue/clippingWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

The left shoulder (backside) of the heavy leather armor has a strange and noticeable piece clipping through the rear. This is present on any and all variants of the heavy left leather arm.

19815January 12 2016QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDesdemona's dialogue blocks completing questsWindows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

If you have done the Institute mission by building the teleporter at a Minuteman settlement, Desdemona will block all dialogue with her by asking you to work with her instead of the Minutemen. You are then unable to turn in any pending quests that require talking to her to finish them even if other faction members originally assigned them.

19750December 20 2015Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPower Armor Rad Resistance Perk permanently alters Glow...Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

This was also submitted in the Bethesda bug tracking thread.


When exiting any Power Armor while in the Glowing Sea, player retains radiation resistance from the Power Armor for the duration of the game even while completely naked. This makes the weathers active in the Glowing Sea permanently reduced to <1 rad per second. (Technically, the player does not have rad resistance from the Power Armor, but the external spell is reduced, see technical breakdown for details.)


- Travel to the Glowing Sea, with or without power armor (or type coc glowingseaoutpost)

- Unequip any clothing, so you can accurately measure radiation resistance

- Equip a set of power armor (I tried with a spawned set, and one acquired regular play)

- Ensuring you are still in the Glowing Sea and taking constant rad damage, exit the power armor

- Rad damage for the weather type currently active is permanently less than <1 for the duration of the game. If this is repeated for other two rad weather types, those will be permanently altered as well for the duration of the game.


- Equip and unequip the Hazmat suit to reset rad resistance to proper levels. (which tells me an event is not being properly fired upon exiting Power Armor)

- NOTE: This only happens with radiation spells that are of the constant effect type – hazards such as water using concentration, or fire-and-forget effects do not seem to be effected.


- When Power Armor is equipped, an enchantment ([ENCH:0003E579]) uses a magic effect (MGEF:00204A54) which applies a perk ([PERK:00204A55]) that weakens the strength of the incoming radiation damage spells for the Glowing Sea area (0023EC91, 0023EC93, 0023EC95).

- When exiting Power Armor, a proper “unequip” event does not seem to be fired within the engine, so despite the perk/magic effect/spell being removed from the player, the modification to the incoming spell values made by the perk remains.

- Equipping and unequipping a hazmat suit, which performs the same modifiers to incoming radiation spells fixes this, because the incoming damage spell is being properly reset by the unequip action. This can be verified by unequipping the Hazmat suit with the console command “unequipitem”, which does NOT reset the spell strength, same as the Power Armor problem.

FIX (a deeper fix could be done by running the necessary events when exiting power armor)

- I fixed this in my own game and put it into a mod by simply adding a condition on the perk that modifies the weather spell, so the perk is only active if WornHasKeyword for ArmorTypePower (0004D8A1) is TRUE. Exiting the power armor renders this condition false and the strength multiplier is removed from the weather.

19745December 17 2015LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchRadation effect removed when fast-traveling within Glow...Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

I reported this in the Bethesda bug thread as well.

While making a mod (True Storms), I discovered an issue present in the game that was initially being reported as a bug with the mod. When fast traveling between two locations within the Glowing Sea, the magic effect that gives you constant radiation damage will dispel, and you will no longer receive any rad damage until the weather changes and the spell is fired again. This can be a long time, depending, which removes much of the danger of the area.


Fast travel between any two locations within the glowing sea that are in somewhat close proximity (i.e. Crater of Atom and Virgil’s Cave), so too much time doesn’t go by and cause a weather change.


Let’s use CommonwealthGSFoggy (001BD481) as the example:

  • This weather, like the other weathers in this region, fires the spell GlowingSeaPlayerRadiationFoggy (0023EC95) (disease / constant effect / self)
  • That spell uses the magic effect Glowing Sea Radiation (0023EC94) with conditions to only apply the spell while in the Glowing Sea Region (000E50AF)
  • The spell has two keywords: RemoveBeforeFastTravel [KYWD:000210B4] and DamageTypeRadiation [KYWD:0004B25C]
  • When fast traveling, the RemoveBeforeFastTravel keyword naturally applies what it says it does, and clears out the magic effect on fast travel, however, when arriving at the destination, if the weather is still the same, the trigger that fires the spell in the first place is not re-fired, and so the magic effect is not re-applied, and you can run around radiation-free.
  • In my mod (which has separate copies of the radiation damage spells/effects), I got around this by removing the RemoveBeforeFastTravel keyword on the magic effect, then placing conditions for IsPlayerMoveIntoNewSpace and IsPCSleeping so it sticks on them while traveling, but stops the radiation so it doesn’t build up and kill the player when they arrive at their destination. The magic effect will continue, and the spell will gracefully remove the magic effect if the player leaves the region, and when the weather changes.

The “right” way would be for Bethesda to check for spells associated with the weather, and re-fire them upon arrival if the weather has not changed, but I have a feeling that would be REALLY low on their totem pole of bug priorities.

19742December 14 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLifeboat attached to the FMS Northern Star does not mov...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

At the FMS North Star, there is an elevator that should work the lifeboat. If the button is presses, only the activator button and it’s pole move. The lifeboat itself remains fixed in position. Even if the player is standing on the boat, when the animation begins, the player is simply floating downward in the air, attached to nothing.

19733December 11 2015ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWater pumps useable in power armor even though an error...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

The water pumps you can build in settlements give an error when activated while wearing power armor indicating you should not be able to use them. The healing effect and slurping sound still play though, which likely should not happen.

19729December 09 2015AudioUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCompanions comment on Mirelurk hatchlings as if they we...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

When encountering/fighting Mirelurk hatchlings, companions treat them as if they were Radroaches. Maybe their race is incorrectly assigned, since they do appear to use the Radroach skeleton.

19728December 07 2015LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLights outside elevator affect elevator interior when d...Windows PCNeeds User FeedbackBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Lights that are outside of an elevator affect the interior of the elevator when the elevator’s doors are closed.
This particular one is in ArcJet Systems.

19727December 07 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchAll puddles use same reflection, reflection is wrong, n...Windows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Playing on auto-detected Medium settings.
As per subject, puddles don’t reflect environment.
Frankly I am surprised. It may be something that nothing can be done about. Like the fact that the player has no shadow in first person mode.

19726December 07 2015ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchColette Logic Problems - Drinks, SittingWindows PCNewBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Don’t know if this is a bug - it’s what I call a logic problem - but I figured I’d report it anyway. It MIGHT be.

Colette wants to talk, and the drink is on her.

I say, I’d love a free drink!

I sit down, and I don’t get a free drink.

Now if those drinks are always there, they’re part of Diamond City’s everything-belongs-to-us.

But if those drinks are spawned with Colette for the purpose of our chat - or re-spawned (in case player has already stolen them) - then it seems a mistake that I can’t take one - or more!

You said drinks were on you, I want my drink!

Also, if I sit down and THEN reply to her... due to Bethesda’s new “you can do anything while you’re talking to someone” idea...

...she still says her line, “Well pull up a chair then,” even though I’m ALREADY sitting with her.

19722December 07 2015AnimationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTalking to NPCs while they're sleepingWindows PCNewBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Quest: Clearing the Way for Greentop Nursery
After clearing Taffington Boathouse and then going back to Greentop Nursery to report to the Settler, I engaged a conversation while the Settler was sleeping.
Normally when this happens, the person wakes up, stands up, and then the conversation happens.
In this case, I started talking to them while they were still sleeping - I delivered my entire line.
And then in a split instant, the person went from lying on the ground to being fully standing up and talking to me - no animation.

19717December 07 2015AudioUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGeneral Atomics Galleria - Guard Gutsy no voicesWindows PCNewBrandonLowMedium Task Description

I don’t think any of the Guard Gutsy dialogue has voices.
Recently turned on subtitles because I realized I should be watching them just as part of noticing stuff - probably would have never known their dialogue was missing otherwise.
They all rotate several lines of dialogue, and then they have a new batch of lines after the Grand Opening.
Here’s as many as I could find.



19716December 07 2015QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDeacon's Quest in Donut - Events that occur twiceWindows PCNewBrandonLowMedium Task Description

This one flew by me, so I’ll try to document it as best as I can.
At the end of clearing out this secret underground place - sneaking as best as possible - idiot Deacon keeps getting ahead of me and opening doors if I get too close to them. If I’m sneaking, you stay behind me at all times, and don’t go opening doors dammit!
Anyway, when we get to the goal of the mission, he rushes ahead into the room, goes to a terminal, and gives the auditory password to open the locked area.
The locked area opens, we chat about the dead guy, Deacon tells me to get the device and that’ll get me in the good books with Dez so I can be part of the railroad.
Then, Deacon goes back to the terminal, and goes through the dialogue sequence again that is supposed to open the door. Since of course the door was already opened, nothing happens. The point is, for some reason his script is repeating that sequence, when it shouldn’t be.
Sorry for the utterly crap description of this.

19711December 05 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMissing tree in SanctuaryWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Tree highlighted for scrapping but missing its mesh completely.


19704December 04 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTell Me More Button Activate does nothing in Swan PondWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

As per subject.

Activate prompt does nothing.

Both at the start when the robot is wandering around, as well as when the robot is in the unit.

Activate prompt simply does nothing.

Using 360 controller on PC. Yes, I am pressing “A” - and I tried all the other buttons too just in case ;)

19702December 04 2015ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWhat happens when Caravan members are separated?Windows PCNewBrandonLowMedium Task Description

In the aftermath of a Super Mutant attack, one Caravan Guard decided (?) to stick around a settlement.

She kept telling me not to get any ideas about the Brahmin (or whatever that dialogue says, I guess warning you not to steal basically) - but there was no Brahmin there.

A minute or so away, there’s the Brahmin, stuck on a hillside.

And in the distance, there goes the trader and one guard, oblivious that they’ve lost not only a guard but also all of their goods.

19700December 03 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchReflection is completely unrealistic on some wet surfac...Windows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

I’m on auto-detect “Medium” settings.

These are concrete steps. Similar surfaces are in various places. These particular ones are in the park, that Swan park, close to Prost Bar.

When they’re wet, they should NOT look like they’re some kind of metal surface that reflects everything 100%. It’s pretty unnatural - even if water pooled on them, they would not reflect like that, and nothing else immediately adjacent to them is wet like that. I do think a lot of the stuff that’s wet in this game looks good, but not this.

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot - you’ll want to check it out yourself probably - but this exterior door of Prost Bar is wet, and it’s reflecting a very strong reflection. A wood door, when it’s wet, does NOT reflect like that.

19694December 03 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLooting bodies with severed limbsWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Trying to figure out how Fallout 4 is handling this.

Either the severed limb seems to just disappear when I loot... and badly...

...or it doesn’t, and yet my new pants DO have both legs!

19687November 29 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchInstitute Gourd Not HarvestableWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

The special Warwick/Institute gourd/melon plant is set up to be harvestable, but no Harvest prompt ever shows and so it cannot be harvested. Changing the Flora record to use the normal gourd model allows it to be harvested normally so it appears to come down to the model itself being bad. I don’t know anything about the meshes, but maybe there’s a separate bounding box for where the activate prompt comes up and that bounding box is somehow wrong.

19685November 29 2015ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLight from fire doesn't turn off after fire is goneWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

After using a whole ton of molotovs to defeat a certain character, his body was on fire.

I left the scene of the crime and when I came back, the fire had gone out, but the orange lighting effect of the fire remained.

(Sorry if this is wrong category, I didn’t really know what category this belonged in.)

19673November 28 2015Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchIron Fist 5 won't let you perform a critical hit when w...Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

The sound effect plays, but the animation doesn’t fire. This is caused by Iron Fist 5 trying to apply the paralyze effect.

As a workaround, I added a condition that checks if the player has power armor, and to not paralyze if the player is wearing power armor. This lets players critical hit while in power armor again, but (obviously) the paralyze effect won’t work. There might not be a better solution until the GECK comes out.

19662November 27 2015QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDiamond City Radio silentWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

In my game, Diamond City Radio has become completely silent. I had the radio turned off for a while, then attempted to tune in to DCR, but there is no sound, not even static. Other stations (Classical, Radio Freedom) work fine, and I checked on Travis and he is OK too. I did complete the quest Confidence Man, but that was ages ago and the radio was working fine even afterwards. I am currently ~160 hours in, this is one of multiple issues that have started cropping up lately past the ~150 hour mark.

19661November 27 2015QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchThe Big Dig - Freeing MelWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

When tasked with freeing Mel from the Diamond City Security Office, Mel was apparently automatically freed immediately upon entering the office, with no other action taken by me. Quest appears to progress normally afterwards.

19658November 27 2015ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLegendary enemies can mutate themselves when killedWindows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

If you encounter a Legendary enemy in the game, it’s possible that they can mutate into themselves after you kill them. This likely should not happen as it doesn’t make any sense.

19656November 27 2015Settlements & WorkshopsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSettlers with specific AI packages prefer these over do...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Settlers whose AI packages (apologies if this is not the correct term) have them doing specific things in a settlement will prefer these over their assigned duties. I have experienced this mostly with shopkeepers. Examples are Sturges, Marcy Long, Jun Long in Sanctuary (they prefer to hammer on the yellow house), and Wiseman, Holly, Deirdre, Jones in The Slog (they prefer tending to the crops, even if they are assigned elsewhere).

19655November 27 2015ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBottlecaps stored in workshops cannot be inspectedWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

When attempting to inspect a stack of bottlecaps stored in a workshop, pressing the button actually inspects the first item in the (alphabetic) list instead.

19654November 27 2015Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchNight Person rank 2 bonus persists too longWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Rank 2 of the Night Person perk grants +3 INT and PER at night, as well as night vision when sneaking during night time (and always while inside, this is presumed to be intentional). In my game, after the ~150 hour mark, the night vision effect has been persisting for sometimes up to 30 seconds after leaving sneak mode. This is a recent issue, the perk was working fine before.

19649November 26 2015QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSilver Shroud - post quest reward issueWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

After completing the Silver Shroud quest, Kent is supposed to offer you upgrades to your Silver Shroud costume when one reach levels 25, 35, and 45. However, Kent never offered these rewards to me.

While I am unsure of the direct cause of the bug, it is likely because I was already past level 45 when I did this quest, so the triggers for him to offer the upgrades never went off.

19633November 25 2015PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchUSKP_TIF_WICourier_000A0E9E: Cannot add None to a conta...Windows PCNewHanaLowMedium Task Description

[11/17/2015 - 06:55:03PM] error: Cannot add None to a container
    [ (00000014)].Actor.AddItem() - "<native>" Line ?
    [topic info 000A0E9E on quest WICourier (00039F82)].USKP_TIF_WICourier_000A0E9E.Fragment_0() - "USKP_TIF_WICourier_000A0E9E.psc" Line 9
19619November 25 2015MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchIssues with Male Wood Elf HairsWindows PCConfirmedHanaLowMedium Task Description

Mentioned on BGS: Issues with Male Wood Elf Hairs

Confirmed vanilla issue, will take some deep delving into a solution. May involve adjustments to malehead .tri files.

Examples directly out of the CK;

woodelfmalepreset04 - seriously poor blending

woodelfmalepreset07 - clipping on side

this is an issue with several styles

19604November 25 2015QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchCR05: Draugr boss not being set as "leader" target to k...Windows PCConfirmedHanaLowMedium Task Description

Another Companions quest snafu.

Sent to Halldir’s Cairn for CR05 - Trouble in Skyrim. Previous cleared this location. The draugr boss respawns but he’s not the “leader” target to kill. The quest marker arrow just points to nothing.

Here’s the conskrybe log;
sqv cr05

— Papyrus ———————————


Script state = “”

::Alias_Boss_var = alias Boss on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::Alias_Location_var = alias Location on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::Alias_LocationHold_var = alias LocationHold on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::Alias_MapMarker_var = alias MapMarker on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::Alias_QuestGiver_var = alias questgiver on quest CR05 (0002522F)


Script state = “”

::Boss_var = alias Boss on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::IsAccepted_var = True

::IsActive_var = True

::IsRegistered_var = True

::MapMarker_var = alias MapMarker on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::ParentQuest_var = C00 (0004B2D9)

::Premature_var = False

::Questgiver_var = alias questgiver on quest CR05 (0002522F)

::QuestgiverComesAlong_var = False

::RewardAmount_var = 300

::Succeeded_var = False

::WasRejected_var = False

- 5 Aliases for quest ‘CR05’ (0002522F)-

REF ‘questgiver’-&gt; (0001A693) LOC ‘Location’-&gt; (00019192)

REF ‘Boss’-&gt; (000642C0) REF ‘MapMarker’-&gt; (00016260)

LOC ‘LocationHold’-&gt; ‘’ (0001676F)

— Quest state —————————–

Enabled? Yes

State: Running

Current stage: 10

Priority: 70

19595November 25 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchExploded laser turrets leave glowing chunksWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

After destroying this Laser Turret, we have a floating illumination texture. From 2 angles. And a save.

19594November 25 2015ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGlass Objects not appearing in the UI menusWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Some glass items in inventory - the glass part doesn’t show. While others, the glass part does show, so glass is, I think, obviously meant to be visible. I’ll add to this list of “no”s.

Yes - Shot Glass -

No - Thin Beaker -

No - Nuka Cola Bottle -

19582November 25 2015MeshesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGap in wood pieces - 001b86b2Windows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

What do you call this, so I know for the future? Hole in object? So there’s a hole in the wood beams of this deck. The ID is the close-by car.

19580November 25 2015QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSilver Shroud - Aggressive Raiders IssueWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

A. At the end of the Silver Shroud quest, one has the option to rescue Kent from the raider boss. You are supposed to be able to talk Shinjn, the raider boss, into attacking your first, so you can kill him without Kent getting hurt. However, Shinjin always kills Kent before I even get into the elevator to reach him in the lower levels. From what I can gather, me fighting the raiders on the upper floor is triggering him to go hostile since he senses combat, due to the map being just one big room. I don’t know if its possible to lower his agro distance or w/e, but that would be the most obvious solution.

19579November 25 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFort Hagen - Dogmeat stuck on objectsWindows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Dogmeat ran way, way ahead. When I caught up to him, he was stuck here.

19578November 25 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFort Hagen - Several objects don't respond to "inspect"...Windows PCConfirmedBrandonLowMedium Task Description

Barely a spoiler, but a brief description of the quest: Follow Dogmeat quest, searching for Kellogg

“Inspect” does nothing on either of these:

Floating body. And after clicking once for “Inspect,” prompt remains but subsequent clicks do nothing.

Clicking “Activate” does nothing:

19568November 25 2015LocationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchNarzulbur Longhouse: accused of trespassing Windows PCConfirmedElgarLowMedium Task Description

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s intended, but just after been named Blood-Kin by Chief Mauhulakh in Narzulbur I entered his longhouse with Lydia, and was considered as a trespasser by Yatul. As I didn’t exit the longhouse quickly enough all the orcs attacked me... :facepalm:

According to (I know it’s not very reliable) in the Largashbur’s longhouse page, “entering the longhouse is trespassing unless you have been named Blood-Kin”. Would it mean that Narzulbur’s longhouse is an exception ?

19446July 19 2015PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDisappearing Invisibility (part 2)Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Almost identical to  FS#19360  (fixed).

Enter Frostmere Crypt, dispose of the 3 initial bandits. Before turning left to go over the caged-in walkway, go invisible then sneak towards the walkway. At the instant you begin to hear the bandit’s dialogue (a scene playing?) you lose your invisibility.

Load Order:-

USKP.esp (2.1.2)
Run For Your Lives.esp (2.0.5)
no killmoves, no killcams, no killbites.esp

19267May 22 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchUnknown invisible item blocking path in BlackreachWindows PCConfirmedDSoSLowMedium Task Description

I didn’t search for this, since I have no idea what is happening, and wouldn’t know what to search for. So here’s a video to show the issue :shrug:

REF ID for a Dwemer Arch on the left side


19255May 20 2015Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchWater pushing player while on bank - videoWindows PCNewDSoSLowMedium Task Description

Not sure how to fully explain this, so I took a video. If I stand still, the river will pull me down stream as if I were in the water. I didn’t think about showing that, I only walk against the current.

Ref ID for a rock that is near the the area.



I haven’t noticed this in other areas. If I remember correctly, this is the area, near Ivarstead, where that troll or sabre cat is by the road in the little rocky cover, with the dead courier from the war.

19140April 29 2015QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchdunBrokenOarQST never gets shut downWindows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description

The controlling quest in Broken Oar Grotto (dunBrokenOarQST) never gets shut down properly. As a result, the Blackblood Maurader’s corpses are never properly cleared out of the cave. See the papyrus output below:

sqv dunBrokenOarQST

		Script state = ""
		::Alias_CaptainHargar_var = alias CaptainHargar on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_chattyNPC1_var = alias chattyNPC1 on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_chattyNPC1Start_var = alias chattyNPC1Start on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_chattyNPC2_var = alias chattyNPC2 on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_chattyNPC2Start_var = alias chattyNPC2Start on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_DuringQuestNPC1_var = alias DuringQuestNPC1 on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::Alias_DuringQuestNPC2_var = alias DuringQuestNPC2 on quest dunBrokenOarQST (0001E437)
		::dunBrokenOarLootEnableMarker_var =  (000BABBC)
		::dunBrokenOarRespawnEnableMarker_var =  (000BABC5)
		::dunBrokenOarTalky01_var = None
		::dunQuestScene_var =  (000BABC2)
  1. 7 Aliases for quest ‘dunBrokenOarQST’ (0001E437)-
	REF 'chattyNPC1'-> '' (000BAB8D)
	REF 'chattyNPC2'-> '' (000BAB90)
	REF 'CaptainHargar'-> '' (0002C486)
	REF 'DuringQuestNPC1'-> '' (000BABBE)
	REF 'DuringQuestNPC2'-> '' (000BABBF)
	REF 'chattyNPC1Start'-> '' (000BABB3)
	REF 'chattyNPC2Start'-> '' (000D1EEE)
  1. – Quest state —————————–
	Enabled?		Yes
	State:			Running
	Current stage:	        100
	Priority:		30
19096April 17 2015AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDraugr animation loopingWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

When, I think, any of draugr are shouted by Unrelenting Force, he fly away and lies on ground.

If he will be hitted (i think few times) by destruction spell with two hands and learned “impact” perk, while he trying stand up (while his animation stading up is not fully complete), he becomes stuck.

He won’t fight, and do nothing except looping idle animation or backward moving animation.

It happened very often if player is mage, and work like exploit to easy kill strong enemies, because enemy stop defend himself. I wonder if it possible to fix, I want fair game without constant need to load game, because enemy stuck after my spells/voice attack against him.

Video that demonstrates bug:

19080April 15 2015MagicUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSome spells/shouts have no names and/or wrong effect de...Windows PCNewNico coiNLowMedium Task Description

You can check this with the same savegame as the one provided for issue  FS#19079 .

The first part is the same : The player character is at the Throat of the world with the Elder Scroll. Use it at the Time-Wound and look at the cutscene with the heroes from the past. When back in ‘regular’ Tamriel, an autosave is created. Alduin spawns and you have to fight him by using the Dragonrend shout for the first time.

Alduin fires several shouts at you. If you open the menu and look at the active effects you can see some unnamed/poorly descripted magic effects.

Poor description :

0 points ? Some other spells/magic effects say <insert num value here> points of damage :

Wrong/undefined active effect name and description :

18821February 23 2015Perks & SkillsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchShadowcloak of Nocturnal effect does not self-terminateWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

For completing the Thieves Guild questline and becoming an agent of Nocturnal, you can choose the ability Shadowcloak of Nocturnal. It has the description “For 120 seconds you automatically become invisible while sneaking.” As per the wiki:


Once the power is used, shifting into and out of sneak activates and deactivates the invisibility. Even after the two minutes has passed, the player will still be able to activate and deactivate the power by standing and sneaking. The ability doesn’t truly expire until the player interacts with something whilst sneaking that breaks the invisibility spell.

This seems like a big oversight in the vanilla game. Entering sneak after the 120 seconds has elapsed should probably not continue to activate invisibility. It makes the ability hugely broken, and is not in line with any in-game description of the ability.

18777February 10 2015AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchNPC twitch/jerk/jump when in dialogue while playing eat...Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

Hello. I’m posting this here after an unsuccessful search in forums and Google. I noticed that npc’s twitch/jerk every few seconds when they’re playing the eating sit idle animation and I engage them in dialogue. I also tested the drinking animation but there was no glitch that I could see.The only changes I made recently was upgrade to the 2.0.9 ver of the Unofficial patches and the newest Bijin Warmaidens. After some testing, I don’t think any of these mods have anything to do with it. I haven’t uninstalled any mod from my list. This seems to affect any npc’s that are using that animation while in dialogue with the player. Here is a video of it:

18742February 03 2015AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchIdle 2-handed sword animationWindows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

This comes from a mod author on the nexus who basically fixes the static two handed sword animation. As he says, considering the battle axes and warhammers have one, seems silly this doesn’t, his fix looks quite simple.

18723January 31 2015ScriptsAlternate Start - Live Another LifeProvide a way for add-on quests to register themselves ...Windows PCInvestigatingArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Basically what the title says. Should be able to accomplish it with some sort of array at the start of a new game.

18692January 26 2015OtherCutting Room FloorCRF - Hearthfire. Tracker for Cut Content.Windows PCNewArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Somewhere reliable to start gathering info for CRF-Hearthfire. So what's been cut? Please feel free to add a comment if you have something!

Yeah, I don't expect to run over much for this, but there could be some tidbits here and there.

The intro letters from the Jarls. Only Falkreath is used, but based on the way the scripts are set up, I believe each one was supposed to send one to you except Beth trimmed it down to just the one for reasons unknown.

18664January 23 2015PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchFailed to setup moving reference because it has no pare...Windows PCConfirmedGarthandLowMedium Task Description

Related bug here (though the fix cleaned up all the rest of those errors thankfully). Not sure if anything can be done given that I suspect the parent cell is set but it’s a “no 3D” issue.

[01/20/2015 - 12:46:58AM] Error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D


[ (00104150)].ObjectReference.TranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.TG08MatchTranslateLinkChain() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 243

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.OnActivate() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 172

[01/20/2015 - 12:46:58AM] Error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D


[ (00104150)].ObjectReference.TranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.TG08MatchTranslateLinkChain() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 260

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.OnActivate() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 172

[01/20/2015 - 12:46:59AM] Error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D


[ (000D957B)].ObjectReference.TranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.TG08MatchWaterStream() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 289

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.OnActivate() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 173

[01/20/2015 - 12:46:59AM] Error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D


[ (000D957B)].ObjectReference.TranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.TG08MatchWaterStream() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 306

[ (000D95AA)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.OnActivate() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 173

[01/20/2015 - 12:47:15AM] Error: Failed to setup moving reference because it has no parent cell or no 3D


[ (0008F20F)].ObjectReference.TranslateTo() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (000D95B1)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.TG08MatchWaterStream() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 306

[ (000D95B1)].tg08bfloodpipecontroller.OnActivate() - "TG08BFloodPipeController.psc" Line 173
18660January 23 2015AudioUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchAmbient sounds and music dead zone.Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Just up the path from the Dainty Sload, a docked boat beside the Solitude Lighthouse, there is a dead zone in the ambient sounds and music. The music will either abruptly stop or fade out to nothing and the ambient sound will go from the shoreline sounds to nothing, perfect silence except for movements your character makes. It will start back up at the top of the hill to the West or heading back towards Solitude Docks. This has been duplicated on multiple games and rigs regardless of mods.

Thank you.

Here is video footage from another user:

18590January 12 2015MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchAncient Nord Armor Clipping issue left legWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Ancient Nord armor is my favourite armor in the game yet still after all this time nobody has come with a fix for the leg clipping while walking. I would extremely appreciate if you could look into that. I literally stopped played skyrim cause of that. :/

Thank you for your work on these patches, we all appreciate them :)

18585January 11 2015MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchHand Seam on Male NordsWindows PCConfirmedGarthandLowMedium Task Description

I’ll have to check what other races this affects but I’ve been able to reproduce this on a male Nord (completely vanilla setup). It’s most obvious when casting a spell, on the left hand.

18378December 19 2014QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchFirst time in Dead Man's DrinkWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

I can’t say for sure, but I think the first time I enter Dead Man’s Drink I keep getting asked to leave by Valga Vinicia. It has happened at least twice to me in separate games.

Anytime after that she acts as she should. Nothing seems to happen if I stick around though when she asks me this.

18345December 13 2014MagicUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDragonhide (and Bones of the Earth) don't work right wh...Windows PCNeeds User FeedbackLowMedium Task Description

While developing a mod ( I noticed that Dragonhide does not work correctly when any protection spell is active. Although it consumes its mana cost and a casting effect is shown, the active effect does not show up and the 80% damage reduction does not seem to work. Similarly, if you first cast Dragonhide and then cast any protection spell, the spell seems to dispel Dragonhide. I consider this a bug because it is inconsistent with the way other protection spells work: When you are already using a protection spell, and cast a stronger spell, the old spell is dispelled and the new one becomes active. Similarly, a weaker protection spell does not become active when a stronger version is already in effect. Since Dragonhide is presented in-game as the ultimate protection spell, it seems to me like it should dispell all of the weaker protection spells when cast.

It appears that this bug occurs because the magic effect associated with Dragonhide uses the Peak Value Modifier Effect Archetype with the same keywords as the protection spells. However, since Dragonhide has no magnitude, the other spells win out and it is instantly dispelled. Note that the Bones of the Earth power from Dragonborn has the same problem as Dragonhide because it essentially works the same way. In my mod, I fix this apparent bug by altering Dragonhide to use the Value Modifier Effect Archetype and added conditions to the normal protection spells so that they temporarily dispel whenever Dragonhide is active. I did the same for Bones of the Earth. Another possible fix is to keep the Peak Value Effect Modifier, but to give Dragonhide a magnitude greater than 100. However, in my own tests the extra armor rating provided this way is not zero’d out by the Dragonhide perk, resulting in a nonzero armor rating while Dragonhide is active. This may not be a horrible side effect, but I suppose it does mean that Dragonhide will block more than the intended 80% damage which is why I made the fix the way I did. Another possible fix is to change Dragonhide/Bones of the earth to use some other Effect Archetype, and to set them to dispel spells with the MageArmor keyword. I did not go this route because I am uncertain what side effects may occur from dispelling the other keywords associated with Dragonhide, and I do not know of another way to dispell magic effects by keyword besides checking the box by the keywords in the magic effect. Perhaps adding an ability to the Dragonhide perk that dispells just that keyword would work, although it may be necessary to remove the MageArmor keyword from Dragonhide in that case.

18264November 29 2014OtherCutting Room FloorCRF - Dragonborn. Tracker for cut content.Windows PCNewArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Somewhere reliable to start gathering info for CRF-Dragonborn. So what's been cut? Please feel free to add a comment if you have something!

Pack spiders. ←- Done

18263November 29 2014OtherCutting Room FloorCRF - Vanilla. Tracker for reported cut content that's ...Windows PCNewArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Drop anything in here that hasn't already been covered. Note that not all of it will be accepted because it may not be complete enough!

The following has been considered already:

Windhelm Arena - The arena cut from Windhelm would require a great deal of work to complete, possibly even including 3D modeling to fix some portions of the scenery. There are also two other mod projects out there that aim to fully restore this. Only one is complete but I don't know how true to the original design it stayed. The other project may or may not still be in progress.

Boethiah's Bidding - There is enough information intact to resurrect this, but it's somewhat dicey because it involves killing a Jarl and the civil war.

The Whispering Door cut portions - There does not appear to be enough left of the cut portions of this to revive it.

Collecting the Edda - There is enough material, barely, to string something together, but the quest over all is just not interesting enough to do anything with. I'm pretty sure that whatever the plan was, enough of it is missing to make an attempt at restoring it too shallow to bother.

"Mourning" - Marked out as conditioned not to start. Probably for good reason. All it is is a bunch of quest aliases and no dialogue. Whatever it was, it's been gutted too much.

"Hauntings" - While it appears intact enough to put back, IMO it feels pretty lame and out of place and may have been cut for that reason

"Trick Shot" perk - A missing perk for the archery tree that gives a 25% chance to disarm. While it is functional as created, it will be a source of save bloating due to the fact that disarming separates the weapon from the NPC and then leaves it behind forever without cleaning it up. Since archery use is far more likely to be a regular thing for people who play as them, it's much more of a risk than the Disarm shout over time.

18258November 29 2014OtherCutting Room FloorCRF - Dawnguard. Tracker for Cut Content.Windows PCNewArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Somewhere reliable to start gathering info for CRF-Dawnguard. So what's been cut? Please feel free to add a comment if you have something!

DLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace4 "Amulet of Supernatural Reflexes" [ARMO:0200A2A8]

There's supposed to be other amulets too.

17890October 13 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchUlfric's robe clips with the throneWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

I don’t know if this can be fixed, but i only noticed it for the first time today, Ulfric’s cloak clips when sitting on the throne.

17870October 10 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchKhajiit Tails Float On CorpsesWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Would it be possible to make Khajiit tails, belonging to dead corpses, not float and move like the wind is blowing them? They even do it on corpses inside buildings (most or all of the tails act like it, I think). It is unrealistic.

17838October 07 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchBow/Arrow kill cam ledge problem.Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

The cinematic kill camera causes a wrong starting position for the bow/arrow. If the player is shooting from the rim of a ledge, the kill camera effect will start but then immediately end with the arrow striking the ledge even though a normal shot without kill camera would not be blocked. I’m weary of this because generally kill camera’s can’t be messed with as far as i know, and i’m sure others would have noticed this problem, however i couldn’t find it in the back catalog so i thought i’d bring it to attention.

17646September 27 2014AudioUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patchvampire lord jump sound while floatingWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

still plays/plays same sound as normal jump landing when your feet never touch the ground.

17478September 17 2014QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchThorek attacks Veren in final scene in 'Waking Nightmar...Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

In the end of 'Waking Nightmare' when Erandur confronts Thorek and Veren, once they become hostile Thorek immediately starts attacking Veren. Possibly it happens the other way around, i started on Veren first, the issue seems to be confirmed on also.

17476September 17 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchPull chain in Nightcaller Temple with no animation.Windows PCNewLowMedium Task Description

When you finish the Miasma flashback by pulling the chain, it has an animation. However after coming out of the dream and letting Erandur through by pulling the same chain, there is no animation attached to it. Ref id is 000BA215.

17351September 08 2014Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchLeveled predators in the wilderness sometimes spawn in ...Windows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description

Three leveled predators that are placed quite a distance from Dawnstar occasionally will appear in the town itself and attack the townspeople. I can’t seem to figure out why that would be happening unless the placement for their references isn’t quite right. They are placed on a side of hill, but that doesn’t seem like it should matter. The three references are 0008493B, 0008493C, and 0008493D.


16721July 14 2014MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch[Dragonborn] Serpentine Dragons - Inappropriate mesh wh...Windows PCConfirmedNico coiNLowMedium Task Description

In the Dragonborn DLC, serpentine dragons have a very special look. They look very much as, in my opinion, the fell-beasts from the Lord of the Rings movies, which are absolutely amazing.

However, once they’re killed, their 3d model is switched to the default dragon mesh, burning and allowing soul absorption. This is the normal behaviour intended in the game, and it works fine. So, I don’t know if it can be considered a bug, but there’s really a huge mismatch :

- alive : very specific-shaped skull, no horns, protruding inferior jaw

- dead : default dragon mesh with horns

Fixing this would require a brand new dead dragon mesh (a modified skull should be enough), and a new script to handle it once slain.

16102June 14 2014ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSome shopkeepers keep an eye on me even in regular stor...Windows PCConfirmedElgarLowMedium Task Description

I noticed a strange behavior with some shopkeepers, like Sayma from Bits and Pieces or Angeline Morrard from Angeline’s Aromatics. When I enter their shop, they walk quickly toward me and look at me, exactly like they would do if I’d go in private zones of their shop (upstairs, in a room, etc).

Apart from that “KeepAnEyeOn” behavior, they are friendly and don’t ask me to leave, and I can trade with them.

I’m 100% sure I didn’t have this issue in previous gameplays, I remember that Sayma was almost always on her chair.

Of course my character never stole anything, and my trespassing counter is at 0.

I thought that maybe it was related to the excellent Lively Followers mod by PrinceShroob that I have in my load order, which makes Lydia wandering a bit in the store... But even if I ask Lydia to wait outside the store and I enter alone, the “KeepAnEyeOn” behavior kicks in.

15599May 15 2014QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchCan't trade holds in Season UnendingWindows PCNeeds User FeedbackRobert MorleyLowMedium Task Description

During Season Unending, you may not be given the option to trade any holds. Instead, the first attempted trade offers only the line “there’s nothing of value”. The quest then jumps straight to compensation for any massacre and then ends.

This appears to be related to advancement in Liberation of Skyrim. If you haven’t liberated any holds, you get the above behaviour. Once you’ve liberated the first hold, Season Unending will proceed normally (provided you haven’t already triggered stage 40).

This may be intentional behaviour, but if so, it goes against what I think most people would expect, and has a very odd workaround for something intentional.

15506April 26 2014TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchUV and/or vertex issue in dynamocore - centuriondynamoc...Windows PCConfirmedGruftlordLowMedium Task Description

clutter/dwemer/centuriondynamocore01 has a different UV and number of vertices on it’s “heart” than the core when attached to the centurion spider

see screenshot for a comparison:

the spider mesh is in actors/dwarvenspider/characterassets/dwarvenspidercenturion

two issues manifest for the dynamocore:

there is no normal map data present for the parts of the texture, that are only occupied by the dynamocore and the texture itself has darker and lighter red parts. the lighter red parts are thin lines on the structure and run vertically across the heart on the spidercore. for the detached dynamocore, the lines do not run straight across the heart, because of the different UV.

this is a follow up from the bug mentioned here:

the color corruption, that is also caused by this UV difference has been fixed for now, by an improvement of the High res dlc texture. this texture could be removed from the UHRP, once the mesh is fixed

14979February 28 2014PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchTrapBase: Cannot call IsEnabled() on a None objectWindows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description
[02/27/2014 - 11:45:46PM] error: Cannot call IsEnabled() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (0702A80E)].MagicTrap.fireTrap() - "MagicTrap.psc" Line 69
    [ (0702A80E)].MagicTrap.OnActivate() - "TrapBase.psc" Line 87
[02/27/2014 - 11:45:46PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp2"
    [ (0702A80E)].MagicTrap.fireTrap() - "MagicTrap.psc" Line 69
    [ (0702A80E)].MagicTrap.OnActivate() - "TrapBase.psc" Line 87
14918February 21 2014PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDLC2PillarBuilderActorScript: Cannot call DLC2SleepBuil...Windows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call DLC2SleepBuild() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D5)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 17
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call SetBuilderFactionFriendliness() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D5)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 20
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call DLC2SleepBuild() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D6)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 17
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call SetBuilderFactionFriendliness() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D6)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 20
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call DLC2SleepBuild() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D7)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 17
[02/21/2014 - 12:06:05AM] error: Cannot call SetBuilderFactionFriendliness() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (070208D7)].DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.OnPackageStart() - "DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript.psc" Line 20
14700January 31 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchActivating a "Workstation" messes up sneakingWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Sneak up to any of the “workstations” and activate it. When you quit you are still sneaking, but the crosshair is a normal one (not the “eye”). Re-entering sneak mode will reset it.

Seems to affect all “workstations” - Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter, Blacksmith Forge, Grindstone, Smelter, Tanning Rack and Workbench.

Possibly related (Fixed)

14648January 25 2014PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchCWSiegeCityDoorScript: CWAttackCity (0004F8BF): attempt...Windows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description
[01/24/2014 - 04:50:03PM] error: CWAttackCity (0004F8BF): attempting to start event scoped quest outside of story manager.
    [CWAttackCity (0004F8BF)].cwattackcityscript.SetCurrentStageID() - "<native>" Line ?
    [CWAttackCity (0004F8BF)].cwattackcityscript.SetStage() - "Quest.psc" Line 124
    [alias MainGateExterior on quest CWSiege (000954E1)].CWSiegeCityDoorScript.OnActivate() - "CWSiegeCityDoorScript.psc" Line 87

Note: Errors were from “The Battle for Solitude”.

14595January 19 2014AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSabrecat Animation Issue (remaining)Windows PCConfirmedGruftlordLowMedium Task Description

“I’m afraid the patch on Nexus is incomplete (I discussed about this with the author).

Combat warning idle, injuried idle need the same kind of fix...

“Fixed for USKP 2.0.1” means ALL sabrecat idle animations will be fixed?”

(Quote from Hexaae)

branched off from

14587January 17 2014ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchVighar - LvlVampireBoss in Bloodlet ThroneWindows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description

The LvlVampireBoss (0005b830) in Bloodlet Throne should be named “Vighar” when “Dark Ancestor” (FreeformFalkreathQuest03B) is an active quest, but this did not happen in my game. He was named “Nightmaster Vampire.” I don’t know if this is something that can be addressed or not.

14368December 10 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B:- Cannot call Activ...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description
[12/07/2013 - 11:10:07PM] error: Cannot call Activate() on a None object, aborting function call


    [ (0501DBE7)].dunProgressiveCombatScript.ActivateAndKillAllEnemies() - "dunProgressiveCombatScript.psc" Line 136

    [DLC2dunKolbjornQST (0501810B)].DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.Fragment_9() - "DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.psc" Line 810

[12/07/2013 - 11:10:07PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp32"


    [ (0501DBE7)].dunProgressiveCombatScript.ActivateAndKillAllEnemies() - "dunProgressiveCombatScript.psc" Line 136

    [DLC2dunKolbjornQST (0501810B)].DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.Fragment_9() - "DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.psc" Line 810

[12/07/2013 - 11:10:07PM] error: Cannot call Kill() on a None object, aborting function call


    [ (0501DBE7)].dunProgressiveCombatScript.ActivateAndKillAllEnemies() - "dunProgressiveCombatScript.psc" Line 137

    [DLC2dunKolbjornQST (0501810B)].DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.Fragment_9() - "DLC2_QF_DLC2dunKolbjornQST_0201810B.psc" Line 810

Load Order:-

USKP (2.0.0a)
UHFP (2.0.0)
UDBP (2.0.0)
no killmoves, no killcams, no killbites.esp

(Note to self. Game12Logs/Papyrus.0317.log)

14217November 24 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchdunWEFXBatActivator: Object reference has no 3DWindows PCConfirmedBlackPeteLowMedium Task Description
[11/23/2013 - 11:41:23PM] error: Object reference has no 3D


[ (03013835)].Sound.Play() - "<native>" Line ?

[ (FF000908)].dunWEFXBatActivator.OnActivate() - "dunWEFXBatActivator.psc" Line 12
14023October 21 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchdunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias :- Cannot call count...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description
10/21/2013 - 08:41:42AM] error: Cannot call countLinkedRefChain() on a None object, aborting function call
    [alias MikrulCombat on quest dunGauldursonQST (000E4D31)].dunReachwaterRockMikrulBossBattle.OnLoad() - "dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.psc" Line 38
[10/21/2013 - 08:41:42AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp0"
    [alias MikrulCombat on quest dunGauldursonQST (000E4D31)].dunReachwaterRockMikrulBossBattle.OnLoad() - "dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.psc" Line 38

Load Order:-

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp (Beta 2.0.0)
no killmoves, no killcams, no killbites.esp

(Note to self. Game11Logs/Papyrus.0166.log)

14020October 20 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchdunFolgunthurBossBattle :- Cannot call GetLinkedRef() o...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description
[10/20/2013 - 03:10:54PM] error: Cannot call GetLinkedRef() on a None object, aborting function call
    [alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.OnHit() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 111
[10/20/2013 - 03:10:54PM] error: Cannot call Kill() on a None object, aborting function call
    [alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.OnHit() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 111
[10/20/2013 - 03:10:54PM] error: Cannot call GetLinkedRef() on a None object, aborting function call
    [alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.OnHit() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 112
[10/20/2013 - 03:10:54PM] error: Cannot call GetLinkedRef() on a None object, aborting function call
    [alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.OnHit() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 112

Load Order:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp (Beta 2.0.0)
no killmoves, no killcams, no killbites.esp
(Note to self. Game11Logs\Papyrus.0156.log)

14014October 19 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchTrapBase: (000EA269): cannot find variable named Mid.Windows PCConfirmedNightStarLowMedium Task Description

USKP#37.69 with v2 beta ( I have USKP / UDGP / UDBP installed )

[10/19/2013 - 12:18:25PM] error:  (000EA269): cannot find variable named Mid.
[ (000EA269)].TrapNorPlatform.SetAnimationVariableFloat() - "<native>" Line ?
[ (000EA269)].TrapNorPlatform.fireTrap() - "TrapNorPlatform.psc" Line 177
[ (000EA269)].TrapNorPlatform.OnActivate() - "TrapBase.psc" Line 87
14003October 18 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchdunFolgunthurBossBattle: Action ref cannot be NoneWindows PCConfirmedNightStarLowMedium Task Description

USKP#37.53 with v2 beta ( I have USKP / UDGP / UDBP installed )

[10/14/2013 - 08:11:32PM] error: Action ref cannot be None
[ (000AB846)].masterambushscript.Activate() - "<native>" Line ?
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.ActivateNextEnemy() - "dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.psc" Line 118
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.UpdateBattle() - "dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.psc" Line 89
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.RunUpdate() - "dunProgressiveCombatScriptRefAlias.psc" Line 60
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.RunUpdate() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 45
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.UpdateLoop() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 37
[alias Mikrul on quest dunFolgunthurQST (0004CEDE)].dunFolgunthurBossBattle.OnActivate() - "dunFolgunthurBossBattle.psc" Line 27

Also for refID 000AB83D.

13821October 05 2013AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSpike trapWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Spike trap ( TrapWoodSpikeBed01 ) hurts you not only when you fall on it but also when you approach it from any side by walking.

13782October 02 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchnorRotatingDoorSCRIPT :- Cannot call PlayAnimation() on...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] error: Cannot call PlayAnimation() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (03027A3F)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp2"
    [ (03027A3F)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] error: Cannot call PlayAnimation() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (030182B5)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp2"
    [ (030182B5)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] error: Cannot call PlayAnimation() on a None object, aborting function call
    [ (030182B4)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30
[10/01/2013 - 10:32:02PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp2"
    [ (030182B4)].norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "norRotatingDoorSCRIPT.psc" Line 30

Load Order:-

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp
No Killmoves, No Killcams, No Killbites.esp

(Note to self. GameLogs\Papyrus.0178.log)

13742September 29 2013AudioUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchWolves don't growlWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Wolves animation when the head is shaking and they are supposedly growling have no sound. It should probably use “NPCWolfBreathe”.
You can see this for example with the 2 trapped wolves at Craigslane Cave.

13682September 26 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch[Hearthfires] BYOHDivertPrefabsScript: Errors while pro...Windows PCConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description
[09/23/2013 - 04:08:19PM] Error: Cannot add None to a container
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.RemoveItem() - "<native>" Line ?
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.MoveBooks() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 55
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.OnCellAttach() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 13
[09/23/2013 - 04:08:19PM] Error: Unable to call Disable - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type
    [None].ObjectReference.Disable() - "<native>" Line ?
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.MoveBooks() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 56
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.OnCellAttach() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 13
[09/23/2013 - 04:08:19PM] Error: Unable to call Delete - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type
    [None].ObjectReference.Delete() - "<native>" Line ?
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.MoveBooks() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 57
    [ (00102A81)].BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.OnCellAttach() - "BYOHDivertPrefabsScript.psc" Line 13
[09/23/2013 - 04:08:19PM] Bookshelf processed. Object state was: TRUE
13629September 21 2013Perks & SkillsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchUsing Fortify Sneak can increase your chance of being d...Windows PCConfirmedNightStarLowMedium Task Description

Identical to pickpocketing enchantments and potions, there’s an issue with the sneaking. Items with Fortify Sneak don’t always make sneaking easier, quite the opposite in fact. I’ve tested this rather extensively in the past and even if it’s not as easy to see as the pickpocketing bug, which gives you numbers to compare, it’s definitely there. The Stealth perks “You are x% harder to detect when sneaking.” always work as intended.

13622September 20 2013MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDwarven spider can leave skidmarksWindows PCConfirmedNightStarLowMedium Task Description

The dwarven spider may have weight vertex issue that is revealed only when it is killed and falls apart. This one flew for quite a distance.

13608September 20 2013MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patchsprigganmatron.nif - UV errorsWindows PCConfirmedsialiviLowMedium Task Description

meshes/actors/spriggan/character assets/sprigganmatron.nif

Several stretched/blurred patches. First two are the most noticeable.






13586September 19 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchLetters, notes an books containing aliases can be screw...Windows PCConfirmedNico coiNLowMedium Task Description

This problem affects letters, notes and books containing aliases. This includes (but is not limited to) :

- All inheritance letters

- Falk firebread letter

- Nearly all bounties notes

- Elenwen’s invitation at the Thalmor party

- Hearthfire’s deeds of property

- Hearthfire’s invitations from related jarls or housecarls

You first have to place the letters/notes/books on a bookshelf using the associated activator and exit the placement menu. Next :

- You can enter back in the bookshelf menu, read the letters/notes/books from there, and even take them back. No problem at this time...


- You can avoid the bookshelf menu and try to read directly the letters/notes/books. The text is then completely screwed and blank from the first alias until the end. You can exit the read menu to cause no harm, but if you choose to take back the letters/notes/books in this way, then they are definitively screwed...

Here's a savegame for testing purpose. Several related letters/notes available in inventory, and 1 in the bookshelf just in front of you.

13576September 18 2013Perks & SkillsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchBlocking a power attack with a spell equipped cancels t...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

If a player blocks with their shield and I have a spell equipped, if I block a power attack I stop blocking, yet if I had a sword and was blocking with a shield it doesn’t do that. I wasn’t using any mods.

13547September 11 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchMGRitual05DragonScript: (00060BAE): Failed to send even...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Random dragon encounter (just North of Riften Stables). Not the first time I’ve seen such an error - different locations (including the dragons roosting on Word Walls) not always identical errors, often on different “body parts”.

[09/11/2013 - 09:25:13PM] error:  (FF0008E5): Failed to send event HeadBleed04 for unspecified reasons.
    [ (FF0008E5)].MGRitual05DragonScript.PlaySubGraphAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
    [Active effect 1 on  (FF0008E5)].FXDragonBloodDamageScript.OnHit() - "FXDragonBloodDamageScript.psc" Line 343
A couple of similar errors from recent logs:-

[09/02/2013 - 03:29:23PM] error:  (00060BAE): Failed to send event WingRBleed04 for unspecified reasons.
    [ (00060BAE)].MGRitual05DragonScript.PlaySubGraphAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
    [Active effect 1 on  (00060BAE)].FXDragonBloodDamageScript.OnHit() - "FXDragonBloodDamageScript.psc" Line 346
[09/02/2013 - 03:31:07PM] error:  (00060BAE): Failed to send event HeadBleed04 for unspecified reasons.
    [ (00060BAE)].MGRitual05DragonScript.PlaySubGraphAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
    [Active effect 1 on  (00060BAE)].FXDragonBloodDamageScript.OnHit() - "FXDragonBloodDamageScript.psc" Line 343
[09/02/2013 - 03:31:39PM] error:  (00060BAE): Failed to send event BloodFade for unspecified reasons.
    [ (00060BAE)].dragonactorscript.PlaySubGraphAnimation() - "<native>" Line ?
    [MQKillDragon (00035D56)].mqkilldragonscript.deathSequence() - "MQKillDragonScript.psc" Line 65
    [ (00060BAE)].dragonactorscript.onBeginState() - "dragonActorSCRIPT.psc" Line 201
    [ (00060BAE)].dragonactorscript.GotoState() - "Form.psc" Line ?
    [ (00060BAE)].dragonactorscript.OnDeath() - "dragonActorSCRIPT.psc" Line ?

Load order:-

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
No Killmoves, No Killcams,No Killbites.esp

13279July 21 2013PapyrusUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchExploit on Dynamo ActuatorWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

In Fahlbtharz Grand Hall, there are three Dynamo Actuators that require three Dynamo Centurion cores to activate them. One is already in place, the other two are obtained from the Centurion guardians below. However if you press ‘E’ or equivalent a number of about 5 times repeatedly on the Dynamo Actuator, a Centurion Dynamo core will appear anyway, on all three, negating the need to kill the centurions at all.

13240July 16 2013TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchPaarthurnax' fixed tooth has texture/UV issueWindows PCConfirmedGruftlordLowMedium Task Description

you know, the one that was missing and appeared black with the official HD texture DLC? (picture shown in this mod:

well if you look closely, the texture doesn’t quite fit there actually and a seam is visible at all times.

not sure if this should be fixed on the mesh or the texture, i bet texture might be easier, but fixing it on the mesh might remove the problem for all retextures as well...

13201July 11 2013AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchBridge makes no soundWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

In Raldbthar Deep Market, when entering the huge room with the Falmer at the start, climbing up the is a button you eventually reach which you need to push to activate a draw bridge of sorts across the other side of the room. However it’s not so far away that the thud of the impact it makes on the ground should be heard. I’ve heard similar sounds in other areas of the game, but when pressing the button and watching the bridge thump down, there is no audio. Might not be a bug, but certainly is strange in game.

13124July 01 2013AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDraw bow or draw dual weapon during sneak obtain incorr...Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

This issue occur when equip with bow or dual weapon.

   How to trigger this bug:
     Step1:sheath your weapon
     Step2:switch to sneak mode
     Step3:hold W button(keep move forward)
     Step4:draw your bow or dual weapon
     Step5:you will see your guy obtain normal run speed in sneak mode.(release W botton or sprint will reset moving speed to normal)
  I test it with a clear install of Skyrim Lengendry version with only 4 unofficial skyrim patcher mod installed.
13088June 25 2013AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchAvalanche doesn't triggerWindows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

As I’ve located on the map in the screenshot, the game guide tells of a place called Avalanche pass, a place with no marker but more a place of interest. You find some dead refugees below, buried in the snow basically. I thought that was it until I kept heading west to find, as in screenshot, an idle bunch of rocks that would not budge. It seems the idea was, according to the game guide, was when walking through from the eastern side, this avalanche would come upon you roughly the same time you discovered the other dead refugees. Instead they remain idle here, wondering if they bugged out in any way.

12337March 09 2013AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchWerewolf can't claw through spiderwebWindows PCConfirmedNightStarLowMedium Task Description

OP: I dunno if it’s a bug, or just something overlooked by Bethesda, but... Werewolves can’t claw through spiderwebs - for instance the one blocking your path in Bleak Falls Barrow. Seems a little odd if nothing else.

This may also affect vampire lords.

12014February 14 2013MagicUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDetect Life - Understone Guards are shown as hostileWindows PCConfirmedsialiviLowMedium Task Description

Markarth City Guards stationed in Understone Keep are shown as red when using Detect Life.

Markarth City Guards stationed in Markarths Exterior are shown as blue when using Detect Life.

Moving a Understone Keep Guard outside will change him to blue, but he will turn red again when he returns to the Keep

Moving a Exterior Guard into the Keep will -not- make him red, he will remain blue.

Both the guards in the Keep and outside in the city have the same relationship rank to the player (0), and the same hostility (1).

11891February 02 2013MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patchwhtempletalos3.nif - Seethrough gapsWindows PCConfirmedsialiviLowMedium Task Description


9988December 02 2012MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSeethrough hole in Dragonscale ArmorWindows PCConfirmedsialiviLowMedium Task Description

Seethrough hole in Dragonscale Armor

7788December 02 2012TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchBlind eyed player's eyes are messed up after becoming v...Windows PCConfirmedAnonymous SubmitterLowMedium Task Description

USKP, UDGP, and UHFP are installed and in proper load order.

No vampire or eye altering mods are installed.

Only tested with a preset female Imperial, blind in right eye.

Eyes are both the proper glowing vampire eye from straight on, while from an angle to the blind eye’s right, the blind eye z-fights with the vampire eye.

5664December 02 2012QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch[DG] Deceiving the Herd will not acknowledge your chose...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

After being sent on the quest “Deceiving the Herd” (sent to Riften) it became apparent that no matter who I killed for this quest, regardless of the time of day, and despite it being in the public plaza, the quest does not advance.

Or, it appears to be extremely erratic since it DID advance once but the guards killed me long before I could get close to plant the note or even think about trying to leave the city. I have been unable to get this to trigger again though.

Tried with and without Open Cities installed, it made no difference. There’s also a similar report on the official forums from another user who got this in Solitude and also could not advance it, and they are not using Open Cities either.

The quest is apparently dependent on a very unreliable story event trigger that is close to impossible to satisfy.

5627December 02 2012AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchCarry Bucket Package Animation is bugged.Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Three actors each have three packages which oblige them to; fill a bucket with water, carry it to a specific point in the location, drop the water into whatever they’re filling.

The problem is that the actor goes to the water and attempts to fill the bucket, which fails(abruptly ends the animation) then goes to the target with the bucket in one hand (tipping it to the side) and when s/he is too drop the water s/he just stands there as if the animation is missing.

I think the problem is within the script or something else in the packages. The animation itself exist and works, but it doesn’t show up in game.

Packages with this bug:










Easiest way to reproduce bug is by following Daighre around 7am, 11am or 15pm, since the other packages got 10% chance of even happening.

5049December 02 2012AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchPauldron armature bones are misaligned in many NPC anim...Windows PCConfirmedMadCat221LowMedium Task Description

The pauldron bones are out of alignment in several NPC animations. Most glaring is the idle. Screenshots are provided using the apparel mesh that gives the most evident sign of the problem: the female ancient nord armor. Note that the metal loop on the bottom is not connected and a gap is prominently visible in the weapons-sheathed idle. The pauldrons are also quite visibly not symmetrical (not even close) as shown in Screen 1. It seems that the walk animation also makes them over-react to shoulder movement, causing serious clipping, as shown in Screen 2. Running does not appear to be affected as evidenced by the third screen. Weapons-drawn animations have yet to be examined.

It is apparent on the male animations as well: the male Ebony armor shows that the right pauldron is clipping into the shoulder while the left is not while idle, as shown in the fourth screen.

Screens exhibiting the bug are bundled in the attached 7z archive.

I have contacted 3ukalipto, author of the recent Skyrim Nexus hotfile “New Animations for Elegant Archers” and he is open to fixing it once he has a visualization of the bug.

1451December 02 2012ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchMorokei does not attackWindows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Quest for the staff of Magnus: After killing the two Enthralled Wizards, Morokei is free and floating araound but does not attack the player. You can kill him easily.

Note: If you kill Morokei and resurrect him after that, he still won’t attack. But: If you kill Morokei, take the staff of magnus and trigger the next stage of the quest, he WILL attack after you resurrect him.

1450December 02 2012QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchOdahviing will not advance into the trap after being fo...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

During “The Fallen”, Odahviing is supposed to be called to Dragonsreach. When this happens, a brief fight with him ensues, and once you force him to land using the Dragonrend shout, everyone is supposed to retreat into the covered area where the chain trap is.

All goes according to plan, except Odahviing will land and then just sit there, no longer fighting, but no longer trying to take off and fly away either.

On my first two plays through the game, this worked as expected. My 3rd had this happen.

According to SQV MQ301, the stage sticks at 150 so his AI never kicks in to make him move toward the trap.

One must walk back up to him and start attacking until he strikes back, then quickly move backward. He’ll follow for a bit before returning to a non-functioning state. Repeat as needed until the trap fires and you can then proceed with the quest.

I’ve checked, and the USKP does not edit anything to do with this, and it’s not induced by mods. Nor is it something Dawnguard screwed up. It appears to have broken some time between patch 1.5 and 1.7, though without an older save to check it against this is hard to determine.

338December 02 2012MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchSummerset Shadows banner disappearsWindows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

The Summerset Shadow’s banner has a tendency to become invisible. It’s still there and can still be set on fire, but you can’t see it. I had it reappear once by closing and reopening the game while I had a save right in front of it. it later disappeared again when I set it on fire the 2nd time after that. I also in one instance had the game fail to give me the objective to burn it.

175December 02 2012TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchEye texture/shader corruption when invisibiity is cast ...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Whenever I use an invisibility potion, go into stealth while in combat with the 100 sneak perk or when going into werewolf form, the eye texture on the character messes up/gets misaligned.

This issue occurs both with and without eye texture mods for me. I was half hoping installing a texture mod would fix it, but evidently not.

Here’s a screen of my character after said thing has happened.

I can definitely confirm this bug is caused by the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal power and also invisibility potions. My character is a nord with the gray eyes

I also had this problem. I found that the shadow warrior perk was what was doing it to me. So I went into console and used player.removeperk 00058214. Then I’ve just been avoiding using invisibility potions. Then I reset my eyes in the showracemenu, and it hasn’t happened again so far. So unless you just can’t live without the shadow warrior perk and invisibility potions I suggest you do this. Please reply if this doesn’t work for you. :)

119December 02 2012AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchDragon kill-cam animation is displacedWindows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

The special animation for killing a dragon is bugged. The placement of your character is almost always offset to the left or right from the actual dragon so it looks like you’re floating in the air and hitting nothing, though the dragon reacts to every hit and is killed after the animation is done.

Verified, and I conveniently have screenshots that show this:

I hadn’t even noticed it being offset, but it clearly is.

75December 02 2012AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchOrc bandit played shield-banging animation with no shie...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

An orc bandit carrying only a one-handed mace in the right hand and an empty left hand ran towards me to fight me on the plain ground, then paused about 4 meters away from me and played an animation that was clearly a “drum your weapon on your shield” tough guy sort of thing, like a bull scratching its hooves on the ground before it rams you. However - he had no shield, and there was no banging sound.

It seemed he just stopped dead right ahead of me and started hitting his own elbow with a mace a few times, without a sound, before proceeding to attack me normally.

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