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5664December 02 2012QuestsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch[DG] Deceiving the Herd will not acknowledge your chose...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

After being sent on the quest “Deceiving the Herd” (sent to Riften) it became apparent that no matter who I killed for this quest, regardless of the time of day, and despite it being in the public plaza, the quest does not advance.

Or, it appears to be extremely erratic since it DID advance once but the guards killed me long before I could get close to plant the note or even think about trying to leave the city. I have been unable to get this to trigger again though.

Tried with and without Open Cities installed, it made no difference. There’s also a similar report on the official forums from another user who got this in Solitude and also could not advance it, and they are not using Open Cities either.

The quest is apparently dependent on a very unreliable story event trigger that is close to impossible to satisfy.

5627December 02 2012AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchCarry Bucket Package Animation is bugged.Windows PCConfirmedLowMedium Task Description

Three actors each have three packages which oblige them to; fill a bucket with water, carry it to a specific point in the location, drop the water into whatever they’re filling.

The problem is that the actor goes to the water and attempts to fill the bucket, which fails(abruptly ends the animation) then goes to the target with the bucket in one hand (tipping it to the side) and when s/he is too drop the water s/he just stands there as if the animation is missing.

I think the problem is within the script or something else in the packages. The animation itself exist and works, but it doesn’t show up in game.

Packages with this bug:










Easiest way to reproduce bug is by following Daighre around 7am, 11am or 15pm, since the other packages got 10% chance of even happening.

175December 02 2012TexturesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchEye texture/shader corruption when invisibiity is cast ...Windows PCConfirmedArthmoorLowMedium Task Description

Whenever I use an invisibility potion, go into stealth while in combat with the 100 sneak perk or when going into werewolf form, the eye texture on the character messes up/gets misaligned.

This issue occurs both with and without eye texture mods for me. I was half hoping installing a texture mod would fix it, but evidently not.

Here’s a screen of my character after said thing has happened.

I can definitely confirm this bug is caused by the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal power and also invisibility potions. My character is a nord with the gray eyes

I also had this problem. I found that the shadow warrior perk was what was doing it to me. So I went into console and used player.removeperk 00058214. Then I’ve just been avoiding using invisibility potions. Then I reset my eyes in the showracemenu, and it hasn’t happened again so far. So unless you just can’t live without the shadow warrior perk and invisibility potions I suggest you do this. Please reply if this doesn’t work for you. :)

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