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ID  descOpenedCategoryProjectSummaryOperating SystemStatusOpened bySeverityPriority
22782August 17 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDanse saying "it's" (it is) instead of "its" (genitive ...AllNewFresoVery LowVery Low Task Description

During the initial contact with Danse, one of his responses to the player’s questions will be:

Our order seeks to understand the nature of technology. It’s power. It’s meaning to us as humans.

However, from the context it’s clear that “it” refers to “the nature of technology” and thus “power” and “meaning [to us as humans]” are traits of this “nature of technology” and thus the grammatically correct way to denote this is using “Its” rather than “It’s”. (See also attached link.)

AFAIK no mod exists that fixes this issues. The attached ESP was created using Creation Kit v1.10.15.0.

22781August 17 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchGap under Northwatch Keep front doorAllFix PendingBlackPeteLowLow Task Description

The MadCat says:
“PETE! Northwatch Keep’s front door has a gap under it because it’s straight terrain underneath!”

The FormID for the door is 00015E5B.

22780August 16 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 Patch"BonesFemurSnapped02 "Broken Tibia" [MISC:00188C9B]" de...AllNewFresoLowVery Low Task Description

BonesFemurSnapped02 is called “Broken Tibia” in-game, but the image shown for the item clearly depicts a femur (more specifically, the inferior (lower) part of the left femur). Also, the Editor ID and model filename both refer to the bone fragment as “FemurSnapped02”.

Thanks to BusinessVulture for pointing this out with their Lootable Skeletons mod. I guess I never stopped to look too closely at the bones, but now it will forever haunt me (until it gets fixed). :| The attached .esp was created without looking at that mod and is entirely my own creation (with FO4Edit 3.2.1).

22778August 15 2017AnimationsUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition PatchCross hair Moves Off CenterXBox OneNewJonathanLowVery Low Task Description

My cross hair randomly moves off center a little to the left in 3rd person. At first I thought it was my proper aiming mod or dynamic camera, however I have a friend who has no mods that alter the camera, cross hair or aiming mods. He has no HUD or UI mods that would cause this, and other than the two mentioned, neither do I. This usually occurs when we sheath our weapons, stand up from crouching, come out of first person or enter a new area through a loading screen. Mostly happens when I sheath my weapons or stand up from crouching. I have tested this on a game without any mods other than texture replacers and it still occured. This first started a week ago even before downloading mods that changed my camera and aiming. I’ve tried doing a hard reset and even that doesn’t fix the issue. It just randomly goes back to normal when I haven’t played for a day, but then it quickly comes back.

22777August 13 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchCurie does not re-attempt romance if declined onceAllNewFresoLowVery Low Task Description

From :

Usually, declining to pursue the romance (or failing the speech check) for a companion will trigger a cooldown before the companion initiates dialogue with the player to allow them to try again.
For some reason, Curie’s dialogue for this wasn’t configured to permit this, and as such, the option to romance her is available only once; this mod is my attempt to correct that. has a fix for this, but the author hasn’t yet responded to whether it can be included in UFO4P.

22776August 12 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchGaps under rocks, rock piles, mountain piecesWindows PCNewPenetrator3LowVery Low Task Description

Several gaps found in the gameworld:


(Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE)

22775August 10 2017MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchTreeAspenLog01.nif: Small seam on log meshAllConfirmedBlackPeteLowLow Task Description

There is a visible (but very minor seam) on a portion of the log mesh (see screenshot attached to ticket).

Someone on the USSEP Nexus Mods page reported this issue and I confirmed it in my game. To be honest, this is barely even worth worrying about. Maybe someone will feel like getting around to fixing it some day, but there isn’t any rush.


22772August 09 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchLeveled list DLC04_LL_Armor_OperatorsE has duplicated e...AllFix PendingSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

... and is missing an entry for a right leg armor piece.

22771August 09 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWrong item in leveled list DLC04_LL_Armor_OperatorsCAllFix PendingSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

There is a disciples armor item in that list. Comparison with the other operators sets (DLC04_LL_Armor_OperatorsA, ..., DLC04_LL_Armor_OperatorsF) shows that this was not intended.

22768August 08 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchQF_CaravanTradePostLucas_001E07AA - Cannot call MoveTo(...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

[08/06/2017 - 10:44:41PM] error: Cannot call MoveTo() on a None object, aborting function call

[CaravanTradePostLucas (001E07AA)].Fragments:Quests:QF_CaravanTradePostLucas_001E07AA.Fragment_Stage_0005_Item_00() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\Fragments\Quests\QF_CaravanTradePostLucas_001E07AA.psc" Line 22
22764August 05 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchQuest "Blood Bank" breaks stage in main quest "Tour of ...Windows PCNewPercy NilegÄrdCriticalVery Low Task Description

The following bug occurs on the Prydwen, centering on scribe Neriah (

Scribe Neriah gives a repeating cash-for-item quest called Blood Bank (

However, Neriah is also part of a stage in the main quest “Tour of Duty”, wherein the player gets to “take a tour” of the Prydwen and talk to all the important people on-board (

For whatever reason, upon first reaching the Prydwen, I had decided to talk to everyone on my own (without realizing that I would soon be asked to do so anyway by the quest “Tour of Duty”). This included speaking to scribe Neriah, who then gave me the quest “Blood Bank”. The quest “Blood Bank” never ends, and from the moment of accepting said quest, Neriah’s dialog changes to deal exclusively with the viable blood samples ( Her previous dialogue tree is made unavailable to the player from the moment of accepting “Blood Bank”.

However, the quest “Tour of Duty” depends at one stage on her having (i.e. displaying to the player) the same ‘regular’ dialogue tree she had BEFORE I accepted “Blood Bank” from her. As such, it is now impossible for me to complete “Tour of Duty” (due to her ONLY being able to discuss viable blood samples), thus BREAKING progression of the main quest.

“Tour of Duty” obviously expects the player to be able to have certain dialogue with her in order to proceed. Well, all she’s able to do now is perpetually discuss viable blood samples - and only that. It would appear “Blood Bank” gets ‘dialogue priority’ for Neriah, despite the fact that a part of the main quest totally expects her to be able to discuss other topics during (atleast) one critical stage.

I am running the latest official patch, NOT running any of the DLC, and running the Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch v1.0.6a. I’ve not screwed up any of the basics (i.e., confusing which versions of things I am running or anything like that).

This fatal bug should be easy to reproduce. Just start a new game, coc to the Prydwen, talk normally to Neriah and activate Blood Bank via dialogue, coc away and rest, then use setstage to the normal lead-up to “Tour of Duty”, coc to the Prydwen, and play normally for a few minutes to see what happens when a prior activated “Blood Bank” interacts with a later activated “Tour of Duty”.

I hope this was informative enough, and I hope to see this investigated, as it’s rare to see the main quest genuinely break via a “prematurely activated” repeating side quest. “Tour of Duty” obviously did not expect that the player had spoken to Neriah before, and “Blood Bank” obviously does not expect that the player will have ANY need for any other future dialoge with Neriah after accepting “Blood Bank”.

22762August 04 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFloating house on the esplanadeAllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

Well, three corners are fine, but the fourth corner has a hefty gap underneath. RefID of the highlighted corner piece = 00156B44.

This is probably best taken care of with a carefully placed dirt pile.

22759August 03 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMrHandyFXScript - armor cannot be equipped by the passe...AllInvestigatingSclerocephalusLowMedium Task Description

[08/03/2017 - 03:22:50PM] error: (0002B4D7): armor cannot be equipped by the passed in actor’s race.

[ (00102249)].companionactorscript.EquipItem() - "<native>" Line ?
[Active effect 1 on  (00102249)].MrHandyFXScript.OnEffectStart() - "g:\_F4\Art\Raw\ScriptsMilestone\MrHandyFXScript.psc" Line 24
22756August 03 2017AnimationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchStuck Cripple AnimationWindows PCNewShonel EctriqLowVery Low Task Description

When you get crippled in combat and use stimpak fast, there is a slight chance that your character will get stuck in crippled animation so whenever you would lower [unequip] your weapon he would hold his arm over his stomach like he’s crippled, or he would walk slowly like his leg is broken [in 3rd person view]

This can happen in every fight that you can have in game and it’s only severity is to your mind, it’s a really annoying thing to look at

To reproduce this, one can easily try to spam stimpaks as soon as getting crippled in combat or using console commands:
player.modav leftattackcondition -100
player.modav rightattackcondition -100
player.modav leftmobilitycondition -100
player.modav rightmobilitycondition -100
[attackcondition = arms, mobilitycondition = legs] (100 to make it normal)

There are couple of “fixes” to this that doesn’t work always, some of those are to cripple the glitched part again with the molotov and use stimpak again or to get in power armor, but as I said, for me this didn’t work, so I had to seek alternative ways to fix it (I fixed it via console commands)

22755August 01 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchUnscrappable Scissors In SanctuaryWindows PCNewLowVery Low Task Description

There is a pair of scissors in Sanctuary that cannot be picked up, manipulated, or scrapped. Can only be removed by disabling in console. Console shows ID as 000B0CE7 (please see screenshot).

22754August 01 2017Textures & MaterialsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDeacon Power Armor/Disguise Change ConflictWindows PCNewLowVery Low Task Description

If you order Deacon to wear Power Armor and then fast-travel to a location that would normally prompt him to change from one disguise to another, he will still be wearing Power Armor once you arrive, but his PA helmet will be removed and his head will be invisible - only thing you can see is his Pompadour Wig.

22723July 25 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDN019JoinCult - dialogue topics checking for non-existi...AllConfirmedSclerocephalusLowLow Task Description

FormIDs of the two topics in question: 000C5135, 000C5145

22722July 24 2017Perks & StatsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchMoving Target Rank 3AllNewdeathclayMediumVery Low Task Description

Rank 3 of Moving Target requires a condition check to ensure that you are not over-encumbered.

At the moment the action point reduction incorrectly stacks with rank 5 of Strong Back.

22721July 24 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchAda - Gender checkWindows PCNewdeathclayLowVery Low Task Description

Ada still refers to me as “mam” when playing a male character and having a stroll through a pool of water.

Specifically the dialogue line:

“careful mam the water may be irradiated”

22720July 24 2017ActorsUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition PatchDwemer Museum guard not stopping you if the Stormcloaks...AllConfirmedWhale OilVery LowVery Low Task Description

The guard outside the Dwemer Museum in the Understone Keep won’t stop you if you try to enter for the first time after the Stormcloaks have taken the city.

22719July 24 2017MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchBurntRubbleNoDirt05.nif: Piece of wood detached from bu...AllConfirmedBlackPeteLowLow Task Description


As can be seen in the above screenshots - a small piece of wood from the burnt rubble is detached from the rest.

This was reported in a placed references ticket ( FS#22588 ). The FormID for this particular reference is 000F821B.

22712July 21 2017Settlements & WorkshopsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWorkshop tab in the pip boy reporting wrong valuesAllNewHighVery Low Task Description

While the changelog says this issue was fixed, it’s still happening

I provided a save, the pip boy says I have 0 water on sanctuary, and my settlement hapiness is taking a hit because of this

But going to sanctuary and opening the workshop there, it now reports 10 water as it should

22710July 20 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchEnemies killed by cryo weapons/freezing respawn motionl...AllNewFresoMediumVery Low Task Description

I haven’t verified this myself, but it seems like plenty of folks do.

There’s an alleged fix at which also links to a number of threads where people discuss the issue.

I tried looking for reports of this already in the tracker, but I failed to find any.

22709July 19 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBad placed feral ghoul corpses in lexingtonAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

near mystical pines, in front of a destroyed building with turrets and raiders


22707July 19 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchInstitute Scientist missing sandbox packageAllNewLowVery Low Task Description


she’s always standing still next to the elevator in the main hall

easy to spot everytime you teleport to the institute, she’ll be just to your right

22703July 18 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDanny Sullivan dialogue exploitAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

After gaining entry in Diamond City, you can talk to Danny Sullivan and perform a Medium CHA check to convince him that you’re actually a merchant, to receive extra XP and Caps. After taking a nearby elevator to mayor’s office and returning back to Sullivan you’ll be able to select the same dialogue option again and again. Choosing any other option will exhaust the dialogue.

22702July 17 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchA laser tripwire in HalluciGen, Inc. interior has redun...AllNewJPulowskiVery LowVery Low Task Description

A laser tripwire in the HalluciGen, Inc interior shows its ownership as GunnerFaction “Gunners” [FACT:00058303] which is redundant since the Gunners are an enemy faction by default.

Here is the reference data:
[REFR:0017CF05] (places TrapTripWire_Laser “Laser Tripwire” [ACTI:0010BE8C] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of HalluciGen01 “HalluciGen, Inc.” [CELL:000342CB])

22699July 15 2017LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchWrong north marker inside vault 88 interior cellAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

screenshot just before entering vault 88, notice I’m pointing south and right before entering, I’m now pointing north - it SHOULD be south, just like outside

this causes further confusion because of some signs inside the vault, for example a east sector sign - your compass is pointing west

22697July 15 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFire Support quest don't advance after killing ghoulsAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Read about this before, never experienced until now. I’m positive it’s not a mod issue.

Bug is, after you kill all the ghouls attacking Paladin Danse team outside Cambridge Police Station, the quest don’t advance. If you try to talk to him, he keep saying “Check your fire, we got hostiles”

22695July 14 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTin Can Chimes not being disabled properlyAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

Mass Fusion building, entering from the street level, first door on the right. There’s a can chimes trap in front of the door but when you disarm it the trap stays in place still. You do get tin cans in your inventory normally.

22694July 13 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchPassword holotapes in Hotel Rexford lack ownership dataAllNewJPulowskiVery LowVery Low Task Description

The following password holotapes in Hotel Rexford lack the necessary ownership data which should be set as ClairHutchins “Clair Hutchins” [NPC_:000226DC] and FredAllen “Fred Allen” [NPC_:000226D9] respectively.

  • [REFR:001C3AF1] (places GoodneighborHotelRexfordPassword “Hotel Registry Password” [KEYM:001C3AF0] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of GoodneighborHotelRexford “Hotel Rexford” [CELL:00022683])
  • [REFR:001C3AF9] (places GoodneighborFredAllenPassword “Fred Allen’s Password” [KEYM:001C3AF8] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of GoodneighborHotelRexford “Hotel Rexford” [CELL:00022683])
22600July 11 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchNewspaper hanging in the air (Lexington, close to Super...Windows PCNewVal AinigVery LowVery Low Task Description

Well the Boston Bougle newspaper is just placed in the air and not the table that is close. See screenshot.
Lexington, just west of Super Duper Mart (wall), at the "veranda/patio" with tables.

22599July 11 2017PapyrusUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchFallout 4 birdsAllConfirmedLowLow Task Description

it’s common to see a bird stuck in the air flapping their wings

two short videos to illustrate what I’m talking about

22597July 10 2017AnimationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchGorillas Cages glitchedAllNewLowVery Low Task Description

The Gorilla Cages have a animation glitch, when it lures a gorilla the door never closes, lading the player to believe there is no gorilla there. The hint is - if is sparking, it caught something. Possible fix is to cut power from the cage, then wiring it again.

22595July 10 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBag of fertilizers in the unmarked trader's shack have ...AllNewJPulowskiVery LowVery Low Task Description

The unmarked location at the north of Vault 81 where there is a dead trader in a shack has some bags of fertilizers showing FarmFactionGraygarden as the owner which doesn’t make sense at all. They probably copy pasted some of the assets from Greygarden or something.

Here are the affected reference ids:

  • [REFR:001E6366] (places Fertilizer “Bag of Fertilizer” [MISC:0005A0D9] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000E48D] (in Commonwealth “Commonwealth” [WRLD:0000003C] at -9,-4))
  • [REFR:001E6367] (places Fertilizer “Bag of Fertilizer” [MISC:0005A0D9] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000E48D] (in Commonwealth “Commonwealth” [WRLD:0000003C] at -9,-4))
  • [REFR:001E6376] (places Fertilizer “Bag of Fertilizer” [MISC:0005A0D9] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000E48D] (in Commonwealth “Commonwealth” [WRLD:0000003C] at -9,-4))
22593July 09 2017Textures & MaterialsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchDirty black suit texture is corruptedWindows PCNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

High Resolution Texture Pack’s “Textures\Clothes\Suit\SuitDirty_black_d.DDS” file has a corrupted blue-ish area causing in-game model to display incorrectly.

22590July 07 2017QuestsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchObservation about Bug #20144AllConfirmedLowVery Low Task Description

Priscilla never offers to buy fertilizer from the player because the dialogue incorrectly checks her inventory rather than the player’s to see if they have any

This only works BEFORE doing the “Hole In The Wall” quest, tested on a new and a ongoing save

If you save Austin, all her dialogue after the quest is about thanking you for saving him

If you don’t save Austin, she’s pissed off and refuses to talk to you

I guess the dialogue about the fertilizer SHOULD be available after Hole In The Wall if you save Austin

22578July 07 2017TerminalsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTypo in one of the entries in DN149_LoadingDockTerminalAllNewJPulowskiVery LowVery Low Task Description

The entry “Inventory Checklist: 10/9/77” in DN149_LoadingDockTerminal (001A8D9D) has a minor typo.

Here is the display text:

DELIVERY FROM: General Atomics Distribution

Robot Replacement Power (Handy Model): 20 units
Optical Lense (Handy Model): 10 units
Vaccuum Tubes (Protectron Model): 10 units

Ralph Cadey
  • “Lense” should be corrected as “Lenses”.
  • “Vaccuum” should be corrected as “Vacuum”.
22577July 06 2017TerminalsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTerminal in Vault 75 allows re-locking the nearby safeAllNewJPulowskiHighVery Low Task Description

Terminal (REFR:000FDA99) in Vault 75 allows re-locking the nearby safe (REFR:000D3620) which could be used for generating infinite experience points.

22576July 06 2017TerminalsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTerminal in Medford Memorial Hospital allows re-locking...AllNewJPulowskiHighVery Low Task Description

Terminal (REFR:000456C) in Medford Memorial Hospital allows re-locking the nearby safe (REFR:000A8426) which could be used for generating infinite experience points.

22573July 05 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchBadly placed couch allows exploting the level design in...AllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

Normally when the player chooses to enter the Old Gullet sinkhole the intended way is to enter it through the sinkhole which means encountering a nearby scripted deathclaw. However there is a known level design exploit, in the nearby derelict house there is a badly placed couch (000B9D33) which can be activated through one of the windows which causes the player to teleport inside the house which should only be accessible after exiting the sinkhole. The exploit can be easily patched by changing the couch’s location or using a boarded-up window model instead of an open one.

22570July 05 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchOne of the bathroom stalls is interactable in East Bost...AllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

One of the unmounted bathroom stalls (00092114) in East Boston Preparatory School (000379C6) is “activatable” which causes it to clip with nearby objects when activated. The object’s placement suggests that the original designer put it there to serve as a static decor instead of a real intractable door.

22568July 04 2017ItemsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSully's Journal holotape has an extremely high valueAllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

Sully’s journal holotape (0010905C) has its value set as “888” whereas all the other similar holotapes in the game has the value of 1 or 0. Lore or easter egg wise I see no reason why this particular holotape has such an high value, therefore it should be a bug.

22567July 04 2017ActorsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTurret Override Program reports turrets as allied when ...AllNewBrian McCloudLowVery Low Task Description

One of the easiest places to reproduce this is Dunwich Borers - by fast traveling to The Slog, one can sneak to the terminal that controls the turrets without getting attacked by them.

The first time I use the Turret Override Program in a given location, the alliance shows as blank, or “Turret Control System”, etc. depending on location, then it changes to “Allied” when I use the “Override Alliance Parameters” option (I’m not sure I’m correctly rememberign the exact wording of the option).

When the location resets (such as when I get a new quest sending me there), the alliance shows as “Allied” upon playing the tape, but the turrets will still attack me until I use the “Override Alliance Parameters” option again.

Side note: in previous playthroughs I had gotten the impression that turrets would remember being hacked even when the rest of the location had reset. However, I think that was really a glitched incomplete reset of the location, possibly because I had heavily exploited the respawning synths in the “Call to Arms” quest, which could be a variant of the glitches mentioned at - it wouldn’t surprise me if the synths were running into that array size limitation mentioned.

22565July 03 2017MeshesUnofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchWindhelmbridge2.nif: Texture/decal load problemWindows PCConfirmedNMediumVery Low Task Description

Textures inside windhelm bridge guard quarters switch as you move closer/further from the wall ( next to the drawer )

Decal problem perhaps?

Form id on the wall: 000a853e

22563July 03 2017Textures & MaterialsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSeveral armor and clothing pieces use the incorrect mat...AllNewJPulowskiMediumVery Low Task Description

As the title suggests a lot of armor and clothing pieces use the incorrect materials. Such as Dirty Trench Coat and Dirty Army Helmet using the clean textures, new Vault 111 suit’s world model using the old Vault suit texture etc.

There is a mod on Nexus that I strongly suggest integrating into UFO4P as soon as possible, it is quite extensive and fixes every material mismatch that I am aware of. On the mod page it shows that the author permits reuse.

22562July 03 2017Placed ReferencesUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchSeveral objects have no ownership data set in General A...AllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

In General Atomics Galleria, some of the placed objects in the shops do not have their ownership data set which creates an inconsistent look with some of them having ownership data and some of them not.

Here are the affected cells with the relevant faction along with objects missing their ownership data.

0000D9B3 - GeneralAtomicsGalleriaExt03:
	000E8D4E - DN049FallonsFaction:
		001E45CA - ClothesHanger01
		001E45CB - ClothesHanger01
		001E45CC - ClothesHanger01
		001E45CD - ClothesHanger01
		001E45CE - ClothesHanger01
		001E45CF - ClothesHanger01
		001E45D2 - ClothesHanger01
		001E45D3 - ClothesHanger01
		001E45D4 - ClothesHanger01
		001E45D5 - Yarn_01_Cotton
		001E45D6 - Yarn_01_Cotton
0000D9B4 - GeneralAtomicsGalleriaExt02:
	000E8D59 - DN049OutletFaction:
		000FA835 - IndMetalDoor02
		000FA836 - IndMetalDoor01
		000FD6C1 - Loot_Raider_Toolbox
		00164445 - Loot_ToolChest
		00164F98 - Ashtray01
		00164FB7 - Paintbrush_01
		00164FC1 - ScrewDriver01
		00164F86 - ChemistrySetCan01
		00164F87 - ChemistrySetCan01
		00164FA3 - EnamelBucket01
		00164FBA - PaintCanEmpty
		00164FBB - Paintbrush_01
		00164F9E - Clipboard01
		0017CE57 - FireExtinguisher01
	000E8D5D - DN049DinerFaction:
		000FF185 - DN049_HandyEatsTerminal
0000D9D2 - GeneralAtomicsGalleriaExt04:
	000E7B5C - DN049BakeryFaction:
		00165330 - Spatula
0000D9D3 - GeneralAtomicsGalleriaExt:
	000E7AFD - DN049SlocumFaction:
		000FD664 - CashRegisterContainer
		001E317B - ShoppingBasket
	000E5251 - DN049MaddensFaction:
		0016490D - Weight01_Curlbar01_80lb
		00164910 - Weight01_Barbell02_160lb
		00164914 - Weight01_Barbell02_160lb
		0016491A - Weight01_Curlbar01_80lb
		0016491B - Weight01_25lb
		0016491C - Weight01_5lb
		00164922 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164923 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164924 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164925 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164926 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164927 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164928 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164929 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		0016492A - Weight01_25lb
		0016492B - Weight01_25lb
		0016492C - Weight01_10lb
		0016492D - Weight01_5lb
		0016492E - Weight01_5lb
		0016492F - Weight01_5lb
		00164930 - Weight01_10lb
		00164932 - Weight01_5lb
		00164933 - Weight01_5lb
		00164934 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		00164935 - Weight01_25lb
		0016493A - BoxingGlove
		0016493B - BoxingGlove
		0016493C - BoxingGlove
		001A8C6D - Weight01_Barbell03_40lb
		001A8C6E - Weight01_5lb
		001A8C6F - Weight01_25lb
		001A8C70 - Weight01_10lb
		001A8C71 - Weight01_25lb
		001A8C72 - Weight01_5lb
		001A8C73 - Weight01_10lb
		001A8C75 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
		001A8C77 - Weight01_Curlbar01_80lb
		001A8C78 - Weight01_Dumbbell01_20lb
00018AA2 - <no edid>:
	000E5251 - DN049MaddensFaction:
		000FD5B9 - IndMetalDoor01
	000E933D - DN049BowlingAlleyFaction:
		000FD6A7 - MetalTrapdoor01
000E791A - GeneralAtomicsGalleria01:
	000E933D - DN049BowlingAlleyFaction:
		000FD791 - MetalTrapdoorLadder01
		000FF182 - DN049_SupervisorsTerminal
22557July 01 2017TerminalsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchTerminal in Jalbert Brothers Disposal allows re-locking...AllNewJPulowskiHighVery Low Task Description

Terminal ([REFR:000535E4]) in Jalbert Brothers Disposal allows re-locking the nearby safe ([REFR:0022E2BA]) which could be used for generating infinite experience points.

22556July 01 2017LocationsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchItems in "Cat Trader"'s house no ownership dataAllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

Items in Cat Trader’s ([ACHR:001D8870], [NPC_:0023B856]) house (POIJS011 [CELL:0000DEE8]) lacks ownership data. Here is a video:

22552July 01 2017Textures & MaterialsUnofficial Fallout 4 PatchX-01 Power Armor uses a logically inconsistent flashlig...AllNewJPulowskiLowVery Low Task Description

Unlike other power armors the X-01 emits light from its eye sockets instead of an external flashlight module. Current flashlight texture does not reflect this fact and uses T-45’s flashlight textures instead ([ADDN:001C9A69], [ADDN:001EC0F1], [ADDN:001EC0F2], [ADDN:001EC0F4], [ADDN:001EC0F5], [ADDN:001EC0F6]). There is a fix available on the Nexus and the author permits reuse as long as he is credited.

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