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Opened by - July 07 2017
Last edited by MadCat221 - July 18 2017

FS#22590 - Observation about Bug #20144

Priscilla never offers to buy fertilizer from the player because the dialogue incorrectly checks her inventory rather than the player’s to see if they have any

This only works BEFORE doing the “Hole In The Wall” quest, tested on a new and a ongoing save

If you save Austin, all her dialogue after the quest is about thanking you for saving him

If you don’t save Austin, she’s pissed off and refuses to talk to you

I guess the dialogue about the fertilizer SHOULD be available after Hole In The Wall if you save Austin

MadCat221 commented on July 10 2017 04:00 AM

Turns out that this might be a separate bug. I'm thinking that maybe there's a dialog priority issue going on. Investigating...

MadCat221 commented on July 10 2017 06:20 AM

Aaand the real culprit is a dialog condition check on the scene where you make the sale, checking a global meant to denote what Austin's fate is: 0 is before/sick, 1 means cured, 2 means dead. For some reason, it was checking to see if the global variable was == 3... which means nothing as far as I can tell. Restoring to check == 1 will make Penske go to the fertilizer bag sale dialog, while having none will have her return to her thank-you dialogs.

commented on July 13 2017 03:29 PM

I tested your .esp and sadly it's still not working properly

See, the dialogue about the fertilizer DOES play normally after the quest now, but the actual sale doesn't happen. In other words, you still have the fertlizer bags in your inventory and she doesn't give you caps.

MadCat221 commented on July 18 2017 06:58 AM

Oy... the first fix revealed another break down the line. It did the exchange once for me, and then didn't do it a second time. Digging about, I found it does the exchange by doing a SetStage on quest DialogueVault81 (the quest that the original faulty-conditioned dialog is also in) to stage 645, which has an interesting script function:

Game.GetPlayer().SellItem(Fertilizer, 25)

I am guessing that SetStage-ing to a stage it's already on will not kick that script function into action again. That script bit needs to be done in the dialogue's at-end papyrus frag, not a quest stage's, so it will run every time. The actual dialog is in the Scene "Vault81PriscillaFertilizer", where she says "Thank you, and just in time for the seedlings." in the response quad.

Arthmoor commented on July 18 2017 06:42 PM

Wow. Who wrote that quest? That's not even a common sense way to go about it.

MadCat221 commented on July 19 2017 04:03 AM

Alrighty... New fixfile. Sale point is now in the dialog, and fixed condition no longer checks for a bogus value on that Austin state flag.

MadCat221 commented on July 20 2017 07:01 AM

The root cause has been traced to repeatable quest stages being disabled for DialogueVault81. It has been decided that enabling repeatable quest stages for it would be too great a risk at causing other regression bugs. The dialogue solution that obviates the quest stage that's supposed to handle it will be used. No other usage of that quest stage has been found.

commented on July 20 2017 02:19 PM

oh, now it works! thanks

side note - the same behaviour is happening to lucy abenarthy at abenarthy farm.
before you do the farm quest "returning the favor" she offers to buy melons from the player. after the quest, all the dialogue is about "thank you for helping us"

could it be a bug?

MadCat221 commented on July 21 2017 05:01 AM

The scene for selling the melons to Lucy Abernathy starts off with a dialogue containing an entry condition specifying that the player cannot have control of Abernathy Farm to sell, checking for the actor value "WorkshopPlayerOwned" == 0 on the site's workbench. Not a bug.

They did, however, actually have the SellItem command in the papyrus fragment of the dialogue response to that effect instead of in a quest stage, as Dr. Penske's purchase of fertilizer bags should have had in the first place.


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