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Opened by Dwarfmp - March 13 2017

FS#22138 - Talen-Jei's conflicting dialogue

This may not exactly be a bug, but I do find it... an odd situation, and I would want to shed some light on it in case you agree it could be changed.

Talen-Jei has a miscellaneous quest to gather for him some gems for his wedding band, after which he becomes your friend and may greet you as such, usually the first time you talk to him as you enter the cell.

However, he’s also involved in the Thieves’ Guild extortion quest, and will after this greet you with: “You have some nerve coming back here after what you did to Keerava.”, which he usually says the second time you greet him as you enter the cell, should this occur. More importantly, he will say goodbye with: “Just get out of here.” Which mostly results in him greeting you as a friend and then saying goodbye as if he doesn’t like you.

My suggestion would be to add a condition to those post-TG greetings to check if your relationship status is below 1. Would assume helping him with his wedding band would weigh more into his disposition towards you than extorting his fiancée (I find his dialogue regarding it to support this). Either way, having it both ways seems a bit strange to me.

Dwarfmp commented on March 13 2017 10:35 PM

These disdain lines would also occur should Keerava be dead, which would most likely be by your hand, but I think in that case, his disposition towards you lowers as you killed one of his friends. So I think with an added condition to check to see if the status is 1 or below, wouldn't prevent these lines from being said should Keerava be murdered by you. In fact, if Keerava should die some other way, that would exempt you from hearing dialogue suggesting you killed her (if this condition were to be added), I would say it's a win-win.

BlackPete commented on March 14 2017 07:19 AM

It's up to Arthmoor if he wants to add this as a feature. It has been brought up before and if I recall correctly was determined to be something that couldn't be addressed properly. I know there are other "conflicting" quests in the game that cause this "bi-polar" type of behavior as well and it is rather strange.


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