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Opened by Tyler Forbes - January 25 2017

FS#21964 - Blood On The Ice Quest Bug

I was playing through this quest line in Windhelm and it went fine until I imprisoned wulfarth the court wizard at the palace of kings. Next time I enter the city a guard is supposed to notify me of another recent murder and this is when we find out calixto is the real killer but this doesn’t happen at all. As i come from the stables outside the city Arivanya’s (The recent murder victim) corpse is located just outside the city door. I enter the city and no guards or nothing. I’m personally familiar with the quest so i went to the palace of kings prison to speak to wulfarth and the normal dialogue options are there for the next step however after the conversation i’m given no quest objective telling me to patrol the stone quarter like I normally am. I just walked around the stone quarter however anyway and I saw Calixto running as usual but he was following Niranye (Another Altmer In The City) and he follows her past the graveyard and stand still just up the steps in Valunstrad. They just stand still Calixto behind her and when I try to speak to Calixto I get a notification saying “This person is busy” however I can speak to Niranye fine and am given the usual dialogue options with her. Nothing else continues from there.

Dwarfmp commented on March 03 2017 12:58 PM

The quest plays different to me as well, possibly through one of the unofficial patches. It used to be so that when Wuunferth told you when the next attack was going to take place, Calixto and the victim would immediately go to the market place to wait for you to make the scene take place (which didn't make sense regarding Wuunferth's dialogue). During my playthrough now, I did exactly what Wuunferth said, and waited until tomorrow night to check the market place out, and the actors did appear around 10pm, and didn't seem to wait for you to start the murdering scene (all makes sense to me, so no problem there). The only thing is that the quest marker kept pointing to the steward, which is a minor... well, possible confusion, but not a big deal.

Also, when I confronted Wuunferth immediately after talking to Viola, I had no option to tell him about the amulet, just the journals which he denied. I was forced to sell the amulet to Calixto first, then the quest would progress, and to my recollection, this didn't used to be necessary.

This has got to be the buggiest quest ever though, so fixing it is a great endeavour.

In regards to the above-mentioned problem, what happens if you attack Calixto? Won't the quest progress, as he is trying to murder his next victim? Or do you simply get a bounty? Because the latter would be problematic. On the pc, you could always try to use to console to progress through the quest if all else fails.


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