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Opened by Jay Kummer - November 20 2016

FS#21562 - All properties of consumables are zero


I realize this is may be outside of the scope of the good work you’re doing, but as it is possibly a systemic issue with the base game (and how it saves games, at least on XB1), perhaps it is within your scope. The main two issues for this request:

1. Several weeks ago I noticed that my character stopped taking any rad damage anywhere for any reason. Standing in my underwear in one of the highly radioactive ponds in the Glowing Sea and I don’t even hear the geiger counter tick effect. My character does have +50 rad resistance through perks, but I doubt that’s high enough to shut down the usual feedback system that my character is in proximity of radiation.

2. I noticed that after taking some damage, stimpaks did not heal me and no healing food or drink helped either. After scanning down my “Aid” category in my inventory I noticed that all property/effect values for everything – food, chems, drinks, etc. – are zero. And any food or thing created/derived from a recipe has zero-valued properties.

I’m not sure what caused it, though I suspect it was in using a mod that was in heavy experimental development and changes.

Naturally the first thing I tried was disabling all mods, clearing cache, and loading up a save. Not resolved, still all zero.

So I loaded up both my oldest “modded” game (just after I installed Far Harbor when released) and a non-modded game. In both cases all consumables were as they should be, all properties filled.

I spent the better part of a day naively uninstalling and reinstalling everything. Of course, no solution.

This leads me to believe that there is an awful lot that persists in save gaves, even issues and defects.

I do have the creation kit and have been tinkering with it so I thought maybe I could create my own patch by brute forcing each to refresh/reset. I set stimpaks, corn, and buffout (the items under the ALCH form type) to +1 values so that they would be saved to my mod. I loaded the mod up (XB1), loaded up a save game, and no change. That was a surprise.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’m not savvy with scripting yet. I suspect there’s probably some way to set/revert every consumable to its preset.

I suspect that whatever this issue is the rad thing is probably related in some way, e.g. environmental and object rad levels (something I can’t see) have been set to zero.

If this falls outside of your scope I was hoping that at least you could provide me with some guidance on how to fix this myself. If there is a scripted way to do this maybe you could give me an example.

Obviously this seriously cuts down on my immersion level! :) I wonder if anybody else has had or is having this issue.

Much appreciated!


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